What To Do Before Moving Into a New Home

You have a lot to think about when you buy a new home and coordinate the move. In that chaotic time, there are likely to be some things that get forgotten in the shuffle. However, there are some things that you want to make sure happen before you move in. You’ll find that you feel more secure and comfortable in your new home when you do these things. 

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Clean the Flooring

No matter how clean the floors in your home appear to be, you never know when they were last cleaned and how the previous owners treated them. Because of that, you want to make sure you deep clean the carpets and sweep and mop all of the hard flooring surfaces. If you wait until you move into the home to do this, you’ll find that you either have to continually shuffle things around to access everywhere or just ignore some spots, which you won’t want to do. 

Change the Locks

When you buy a home, you have no idea how many people have keys to it. You don’t know if the locks on the home have ever been changed. Instead of worrying about who might show up at your home, have the locks changed before you start moving your things in. An experienced locksmith Shirley NY can even re-key all of the exterior locks in your home, so they all use the same key. 

Make Necessary Repairs

Whether you want to repaint or replace some windows, you’re going to find that doing anything is much harder to complete when you have children running everywhere and boxes stacked in every corner. Plus, once you move in, you’ll find that your time is taken up by unpacking, and any repairs or changes you want to make to the home will be placed on the backburner.