Types of Window Installation Services

Whether you’re making repairs, upgrading energy efficiency or refining your home’s curb appeal, window installations and replacements are tricky business without professional help. Besides the materials and physical labor needed, part of the difficulty comes from understanding the different types of installations that can be performed. When it comes time to search for glass installation Dallas TX, you should start by knowing what your options are. Broadly, these depend on the extent of installation and replacement work needed.

Pocket Installations

Most window installations involve simply the glass panes and the sash holding them, with the rest of the unit largely untouched. The procedure is called a pocket installation and the windows used are referred to as insert or retrofit windows. Pocket installations can be performed when the frame is still in good condition and the surrounding wall is structurally sound. The procedure requires fewer materials and less labor, so this option is less expensive and has a faster turnaround time.

Full-Frame Installations

Full-frame installations, sometimes referred to as new construction windows, are the preferred choice when the existing frame is structurally unsound due to mold, rot or other forms of damage. The replacement includes not only the glass and sash but the frame, sill and trim. As the name suggests, new construction windows are also used when the house is in the process of being built or expanded or the surrounding wall is also to be replaced, as the installation includes all components needed to anchor the window in the wall opening.

Factors to Consider

Generally, pocket installations are the safer bet for window replacements. In most cases, window damage only extends as far as the glass panes, so extensive work is unnecessary and costly. Also, newer houses likely have window frames that are still usable. However, older homes may not meet energy efficiency or safety standards, or the existing frame may be incompatible with modern retrofits. In cases like these, a full-frame installation gives you more room to select a new window of choice. Either way, it’s a good idea to get input from a professional to make a sound judgement.