Types of Well Pumps To Use on Your Property

The type of well pump you use on your property is determined by the depth and size of your well, while also taking cost into consideration. There are four main types of pumps available on the market. They send water to a storage tank before you need to use it. The air pressure inside the tank increases until the water reaches a preset level. 

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This simple type of well pump uses kinetic energy to move water from one end of the pump to another. These are small and easy to access, which means drilling a well Tampa costs less than other types of pumps. If you have a property where a shallow well can supply your water needs, this is the most cost-efficient type to choose.


Jet pumps can be created for deep or shallow wells. The pump can be located where it’s easy to access when you need to perform maintenance or repair tasks. This type of pump can also be used for irrigation and gardening. Jet pumps don’t work well in sandy areas.

Hand Pump

This type of pump is more common in areas that are off-the-grid. Manual pumping is done with a hand-cranked lever that pulls the water out of the ground and into a holding tank. They can be inconvenient but are also inexpensive.


A submersible pump is one of the most common options. They are energy efficient, can be used at various depths and last a lengthy amount of time. The area around the motor needs to be sealed well to prevent corrosion from the surrounding water.

When you don’t have a connection to city water, a well is essential for your freshwater needs. The pump you choose to get the water to your home will be determined by the depth of your area and your budget.