Top Considerations for Service Station Construction

Service stations are necessary to provide gas, fill slow leaking tires and purchase snacks. Since they are a vital part of the economy, owning one can be a great way to make a living. In addition to finding the right spot for your gas station, here are some other things to consider.

Public Restrooms

One key aspect of service station construction California owners can expect is including public restrooms. Many travelers look forward to a clean place to use the restroom that does not require payment. Gas stations have provided this service for years. Not only can a clean restroom meet a need for travelers, but they may end up buying something in the store on their way back out to their vehicles. If you cater to truck drivers, consider offering a shower for their use.

Free Services

The state of California requires that all service stations offer customers free air for their tires and pressure gauges. In addition, water for vehicles is free as well. The law went into effect in 1999. Most service stations already provide coin-operated machines for these services but paying customers should receive these services without charge.

Fuel Options

Offering all three types of unleaded gasoline and diesel allows you to cater to multiple types of vehicles. Biofuel options allow you to cater to another subset of the vehicles you service. You can even offer power stations for hybrid and electric cars to “refuel.” Depending on where you build your service station, you may want to have a separate space for trucks. These spaces should have taller roofs and lots of space for large trucks to easily move in and out of the parking lot. Keeping them away from the regular cars can make your service station a great place for truckers to stop. Inviting truckers to your station can increase your profits especially for frequent stoppers.