Top 3 Signs That Your Home Has Foundation Problems

All ground eventually settles, including the one below your house. This can cause problems with the foundation, which can escalate if they go untreated over time. The signs that point to these issues sometimes disguise themselves as minor damages and occurrences. Pay attention to the following signs to find foundation problems on time. 

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1. Sticky Windows and Doors 

Wooden doors and windows can some stick and get difficult to open and close at times. This usually happens when water or a high-humidity environment alters and expands wood, blocking doors or windows in the process. However, if there are no humidity problems, then foundation is the factor. When the ground sinks, it also lowers the frames and alters their right angles. Doors and windows keep their shape, so they no longer fit correctly.

2. Internal and External Cracks

Having cracks throughout the house can be normal. Some are caused by an object’s impact while others result from water damage. There are specific cracks that indicate a weak foundation pulling down the house. For instance, large diagonal cracks originating from door and window frames show that something is pulling them down and damaging the wall. Also, if you own a brick home, look for long cracks that form alongside the mortar’s staircase pattern. A CSI engineer Tulsa can inspect these cracks and determine the next course of action. 

3. Uneven Floor and Surfaces 

Faulty foundation affects wood and concrete floors differently. Wooden floors will have squeaky, warped and sagging boards that result from unstable support beams located through crawlspaces or the basement. Meanwhile, you might see cracks and damaged tiles in concrete surfaces, but they might be harder to spot. Use a level to measure the floor and pay attention to spilled liquids. If they head in a single direction, you may have uneven floors. 

Your home’s weakening foundation can manifest in subtle ways before it gets worse. Pay attention to these signs so you can act fast.