Tips for Moving

Deciding to move is an exciting endeavor. Before you move, you must arrange transportation for your things and yourself.

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Pack Your Things

First, decide how you will move all your things over to your new home. If you have a lot of boxes or large pieces of furniture, you may consider hiring a professional moving company or long-distance movers Norman OK. When hiring a team of movers, make sure to check that the company is well-reviewed, licensed, and insured. For a shorter-distance, more manageable move you might simply rent a truck or van and load up the boxes yourself. Make sure you organize and label each box you pack so you know what’s inside when everything is sealed shut. Make sure you or your team of movers know which boxes are fragile and need to be handled with care.

Get Rid of Clutter

Avoid overpacking by decluttering your house beforehand. Try getting rid of things you no longer need or haven’t used in a while. You can gather your clothes to donate or hold a garage sale to sell old books or toys. If you decide to hold a garage sale, choose a weekend that isn’t too busy and make signs to advertise. You can also try selling to a larger audience online by listing items on social media marketplaces. By getting rid of some things and removing unwanted clutter, you will make packing your stuff and moving a much more manageable task.

Arrange Transporation

Lastly, you need to arrange travel for yourself to get to your new home. If you are traveling with family or pets, you might consider renting an RV. This way you can ship your stuff separately and enjoy a more luxurious trip on the road in comfort. You can either ship your car or tow it along with you, depending on the kind of RV you decide to rent. Make sure you pack clothes, important medications, essential items for the pets, and food and water for the road. If an RV doesn’t work for you, consider how many cars you will need or what it will take to book a flight.

When you decide to plan your move, make sure to consider how much you are moving and how far of a distance you need to travel.