Tell-Tale Signs of a Damaged Sewer Line

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Sewer backups will typically occur in your lowest, open drain. Typically, these backups are caused by a blockage in the line. If you have a backup issue each time you flush or run water into the bathtub drain or sink, the issue is likely the main sewer line. That’s because all the drains in your house rely on the main sewer line for proper drainage.

One way to tell if there is an issue with your sewer line is by having a plumber conduct a sewer smoke test. However, there are also some signs you can watch for. Keep reading to learn what those signs are. 

Sewer Gas Order

If you ever smell sewer gas, it is a sign there is some type of damage to your sewer line. Sanitary sewers need to be airtight everywhere except the vent stacks on the roof, which helps the sewage move downhill. What this means is that you should never smell a sewer odor. The only way this would happen is if there was an opening or crack in the sewer line.

Mold Issues

Along with sewer odor, mold growth can also be a sign of a break in the sewer lines behind the walls. Some molds can grow in areas where the humidity level is just 55%. A crack in your sewer pipe behind a wall can cause an increase in humidity levels, which may result in mold growth. If you see mold growth along with sewer odor, you can safely assume there is a break somewhere that needs to be repaired.

When you suspect issues with your home’s sewer line, it is best to call a plumber for service. They can find the issue and provide the repairs to eliminate the issues you have seen. If mold has developed, make sure that you address this problem, too.