Spray Foam Insulation vs. Fiberglass Insulation

As a homeowner, you may be on the lookout for new insulation. As you become more familiar with the different types of insulation, you can make a more informed decision about which one is right for your home. Spray foam insulation and pittsburgh fiberglass insulation are both great options. However, they’re both very different in cost and benefits. Fiberglass insulation is the most common form of home insulation, while spray foam insulation is still growing in popularity. 

Is Spray Foam Insulation the Better Option?

Fiberglass insulation may be a lot cheaper than spray foam insulation, but it’s also less effective, especially in extremely cold conditions. This means that fiberglass insulation tends to lose heat more quickly than spray foam insulation does. Spray foam insulation often lasts longer as well. If fiberglass stays dry, it can last between 10 to 25 years, but spray foam insulation can last about 80 years or longer.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

If you can afford the extra cost of spray foam insulation, then it’s usually best to go with this option, mainly due to the following benefits:

  • Stops air and moisture infiltration.
  • Adds strength to your home and structure.
  • Keeps dust and pollen out.

In addition to the benefits above, spray foam insulation can also help lower your monthly energy bill. That’s because it’s able to keep your home from losing or gaining heat. This also helps keep your energy bills low because your HVAC system won’t be working as hard to keep you comfortable. 

Whether you choose fiberglass insulation or spray foam insulation, you’re still making the right choice in ensuring your home keeps the right temperature despite the varying temperatures outside. Also, take pride in the fact that you’re taking the initiative to research the right insulation option for your unique situation.