Signs You Need a New Garage Door

Your garage door is much more than just the opening to your garage. It offers curb appeal, is a convenient way to enter and exit your home, and can even increase your property value.

However, that’s only the case if the door remains well maintained and working properly. Keep reading for the top signs you need to start looking into garage door sales Denton TX to replace your door.

Signs You Need a New Garage Door


If your garage door is made of wood, sagging can be a serious problem. If the door isn’t properly maintained, it may sag from decomposition, rot, and deterioration. Sagging doors indicate an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Talk to a professional right away if you notice this problem.

Shaking or Noise

Does your garage door make a lot of noise when it opens and closes? Does it shake while it is moving? If so, it’s another sign it may be time to consider a new garage door. Even though persistent noise and shaking don’t indicate something is broken, it does mean that maintenance is required.

Damaged Wood

Wood doors are at risk of rotting, cracking, and other damage. Paint may begin to peel off the surface, wood may splinter, and the door’s value can be diminished significantly. If you notice these issues, it’s a good idea to begin shopping for a new garage door.

Safety and Efficiency Issues

If you have an older door, it may not have the necessary safety functions or functions that help it work efficiently. This is another sign you need a new door.

Being informed and knowing when it is time to replace your door is invaluable. This will ensure it continues to operate safely and efficiently for the foreseeable future. Making sure your door works properly and safely is a must, so keep this in mind.