Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Like any other component in your home, windows do get worn and torn as well. You can do some quick fixes for the little issues that come for a while, such as adding a fresh layer of sealant to get it more secure, but even this temporary fix is bound to be worn out fast as well. 

Here are some telltale signs that your windows need replacing.

Persistent Cold Drafts

Windows are supposed to provide a layer of protection from outdoor elements, such as cold drafts and humidity. If all your windows are firmly shut, and still you feel persistent cold drafts coming, it may be because a window has a broken seal. It’s also possible that the frames have weakened, such that the draft is passing through the materials itself already.

This problem will impact your utility bills, because the colder the draft, the harder your HVAC unit will work to keep your home interiors cozy and warm. 

Damaged Frames

It only takes a quick look to see if the window frames are already decayed and damaged. This is a serious problem because it is structural in nature. Window frames are also supported points for the structure of the house, so if it is weak and can no longer help hold up the weight, it’s possible that a section of the house could become misaligned and lopsided.

Outside Noise

Windows help block out noise too. If you’ve been hearing more sounds from the street or your neighbor’s than you would ever want to, check your windows. Especially for those who are sensitive to noise, upgrading your windows to double-paned ones can help a lot in blocking out the rest of the outdoor noise. 

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