Residential Locksmith Services for New Homeowners

Moving into a new home can be exciting and overwhelming. There are many things that need to be done when moving into a new house, such as setting up utilities and services.

Once you close, you should check your doors, door handles and locks to make sure they are working properly. A local locksmith can change the locks, fix any problems and cut duplicate keys

Changing the Locks

Previous homeowners may have given the new homeowners keys, but there may be duplicate keys that they keep or have given to relatives and friends. Having the locks changed or rekeyed can ensure you are in control of every key to your home. 

You should consider setting up an appointment with a locksmith several days after closing on a house to have the locks changed or rekeyed. Your locksmith can advise you on which option is better for your home. 

Repairing Locks and Doors

Your new home may have old or damaged doors, door handles or locks. A residential locksmith Orlando may be able to evaluate and fix damage to doors and door locks. 

Damage can prevent a door from closing or locking properly and may make your home vulnerable to intruders. Some locksmiths can even rehang or replace doors that are broken, falling apart or misaligned. 

Cutting New Keys

Some homeowners like to keep extra keys on hand for various reasons. Keys can be worn or broken, and sometimes you need to give a key to someone tending your animals. A locksmith can cut these additional keys for you. Some locksmiths can make keys that cannot be copied and offer personalized or decorative keys that stand out from your other keys.

Many homeowners want security in their new homes. A locksmith can help safeguard your home and create new keys to make your transition safer and easier.