Looking For Ways To Redecorate Your Home?

When you get the itch to redecorate your home, it can seem like an overwhelming and costly project. Fanning through magazines or websites that list how you can make rooms bigger by moving walls can make you want to turn and run! Instead of tearing down walls, why not begin with a simple project that won’t cost much money yet can make the room look very different from when you started the project. Here are three ideas to get you started. 

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Even if you love the white walls in your home, you can still change the color slightly to redecorate your rooms by selecting soft white or icy white when you repaint. However, if you want to be more daring, you can dramatically change the look of any area with a bright or dark focus wall. You can also paint picture frames, shelves, and wooden boxes for accents in any room.


You don’t have to completely replace all your furniture to make your home look and feel newly redecorated. Instead, why not choose a few favorite pieces and then add several rustic furniture Waupun WI items to complete the room. Don’t forget to change wall decorations, move your shelving around, and highlight with some fun pictures.


Let light into your home by removing those old, heavy draperies and replacing them with curtains or sheer drapes. Switch the old fabrics with new light-weight pleated panels, sheer sections, or dramatic swags to brighten the room with color. Changing the dark materials out for lighter colors can also make the room appear larger and more open.

Let the natural beauty of your home shine through by making a few simple changes. You don’t have to move the walls to fall in love with your home again. Just rearrange the furniture, add new paint, and change out the curtains. Your home will look completely different!