How To Save Energy Costs in the Winter

Do you dread when the cold weather hits because you know that means your electric bill will skyrocket? Luckily, you don’t have to live a life in constant fear of the colder months. Here are some ways you can cut your energy costs in the winter. 

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Use a Timer

While holiday lights and decorations are beautiful and can be fun to look at, you don’t want to leave the lights on all night. One strand of incandescent bulbs left on for 12 hours can cost you roughly $18 extra a month. If you have a home with many strands of lights and blow-up decorations placed throughout your yard, you’re likely paying a fortune in electricity. 

Instead, install a timer on all of the lights so you never forget to turn them on or off, and you’ll save yourself quite a bit of money in the long run. 

Check Your Insulation

If you haven’t checked your home’s insulation in a while, you could find that it is one of the reasons you’re losing heat each winter. When your attic doesn’t have the proper amount of insulation, you’re literally allowing the heat in your home to fly right out of your roof. 

You can check if you have an adequate amount of insulation simply by looking at it. If you can see the floor joists in the attic, you want to immediately call an insulation company Chalfont PA to come out and replace the missing insulation.

Close the Damper

There is nothing cozier than snuggling up with a book next to a warm fire. However, if you forget to close the damper when the fire is no longer burning, you’re spending more on heating costs than you should. It is estimated that an open damper on a fireplace not in use lets out as much air as a 4-foot wide window that is completely open. You will see your energy costs plummet when you remember to close the damper each night before bed.