How To Prepare Your Yard for Winter

Autumn is here and it’s time to winterize your home and garden. You may not realize it, but fall is a great time to complete specific landscaping projects that are beneficial before spring. If you’re on board, grab your rake and get busy preparing your yard for winter with these four tips.

Yard for Winter

Don’t Ignore Your Rake

When you’re busy, it can be tempting to ignore raking the leaves. Neglecting this chore will prevent the sun from reaching your grass and turns leaves into a heavy, soggy mess. This makes for a miserable spring clean-up, so go out and have fun with it. If you’ve got kids, make huge piles of leaves for them to jump in and let them help out.

Mulch Your Gardens

While most people mulch in the spring, fall is also a perfect time to get a delivery of bulk mulch Cincinnati and spruce-up your gardens. Mulch helps insulate and protect your plant’s roots in the cold weather. It will also keep them hydrated during a dry winter.

Get Rid of Dead Plants

By now, many of your summer plants have died, so fall is the time to get rid of them. Removing dead foliage neatens up the yard and creates room for spring blossoms. You’ll also want to cut back perennials and wrap delicate plants and shrubs in burlap to protect them against the frost and snow.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Even though your lawn is getting ready to sleep for a few months, fall is the best time to fertilize. Be sure to purchase a high-quality, slow-release fertilizer specific to your climate. Use a spreader to evenly distribute it after you mow one final time.

Ensure a Healthy Garden

If you’re invested in having a beautiful lawn and flower beds next spring, get busy this fall by mulching, raking and fertilizing. Putting in the extra work now will ensure a healthy and green garden next year.