How To Create an Elegant Living Room

Your house might have a fun family room that can get rather messy as your family enjoys time together, but you also want to have a living room dedicated to entertaining. This room should be an elegant yet comfortable space for your guests. Read on for some ideas about how to achieve this.

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The Right Furniture

You might start with choosing the right furniture. You could center the room around a relaxing sectional Toronto where your guests can settle in for conversation. Add a couple of chairs as well as a coffee table and one or two side tables to hold drinks. An ottoman can provide extra seating as needed. If you have room, you could set up a small pub table and stools in a corner as a separate conversation or game area.

The Right Colors

You’ll also want to select the right color palette for your living room. Your best bet might be a neutral background in walls, furniture, draperies/carpet or other flooring with pops of color added in with pillows, rugs, artwork and decorative objects. These colorful details are easy to change seasonally or whenever you feel like doing something new.

The Right Decorations

Don’t overwhelm your living room with decorations. Rather, select a few pieces that you especially like and that show off your personal style. They might include a couple of fine paintings or a collage of photographs, three or four decorative objects for the tables that can serve as conversation pieces, a shelf for books interspersed with some well-chosen knickknacks and perhaps a plant or two.

The Right Lighting

Finally, you should strive for the right lighting in your living room. Choose an overhead light fixture that won’t glare, something stylish that matches your decor. Then add floor lamps and table lamps according to your space. You could also install wall sconces for atmosphere.

With some careful planning and tasteful choices, your living room can be an inviting place for entertaining friends and family.