How To Choose Lighting for Every Room

Did you know you can change the entire look of a room by simply switching up your lighting? Light provides comfort, calm and the means to finish important tasks. If you’d like to see the difference it could make in your home, here’s how to choose the right lighting for every room.

Lighting for Every Room

Brighten Up the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is used for both cooking and entertaining. You need bright light for culinary and cleaning tasks, but since the kitchen is also an area to congregate, avoid harsh fluorescents. Use recessed bulbs for central lighting and pendant lights for illuminating tables and countertops.

Layer the Living Room

Since living rooms are usually large, incorporate a variety of lights from Hudson Valley lighting Tampa FL. Layering your lighting allows you to use the room in several different ways. Overhead lights are perfect for game night, while table lamps or ambient lighting are best for reading and movies.

Tone Down the Bedroom

Softer bulbs are usually the top choice for bedrooms along with one central source of light. For an all-over glow, a ceiling fan with a lamp is a versatile choice for brightening and keeping the room cool. Bedside sconces or table lamps are great for reading and easy to reach in the dark.

Illuminate the Bathroom

Bathrooms are one spot in your home you really want to focus on bright light. To avoid shadows, install lighting above or on either side of your mirror. Recessed lights are perfect for bathrooms as is an over-the-tub light made specifically for showers.

The right kind of light can completely change the way a room looks and feels. When you opt for a variety of kitchen lights or layering in the living room, you also increase the room’s functionality.