Getting More Use Out of a Yard at Night Using Landscape Lighting

When the weather is warmer, there are more opportunities to be outside and use your yard for entertainment or relaxation. Utilizing landscape lighting when it starts to get dark offers the possibility of extending that time by illuminating certain areas based on their designated function.


Having a rough idea for how you want to light an area where guests will be congregating is helpful in determining what types of light fixtures are needed, like pole lamps or recessed flood lights. With a simple sketch of the yard, you can see where people are likely to spend most of their time — think tables, chairs and pathways — making it easier to decide where the fixtures should be used, how many are needed and what type of lighting best fits the situation. Visualizing your exterior lighting Winter Park before you begin an installation can also help you avoid lights shining into windows or excess light pollution.


In addition to visualizing spaces for entertaining, you should consider those garden spots where people like to be alone. A well-lit spot in your yard with soft and unobtrusive lighting can be used as a peaceful place for reading, meditation or family time. String lights cast a consistent glow conducive to a warm and inviting personal space. Adding twinkling lights to nearby trees can give the area both a fun and a calming element while also being functional.


No matter how your yard is used, you want it to be a private, secure zone where accidents are unlikely. Nighttime strolls around your yard can be done safely when the appropriate illumination is used. Utilizing solar or wired pathway lights allows for safety on both the walkway and any existing steps while also creating a pleasant after-dark visual. If trees line a path, each one can be lit individually from below to create a unique look for an evening walk.

Making the most out of your yard during the evening hours involves highlighting the space with proper lighting. Entertain longer, relax more and be safe with thoughtful illumination throughout your landscape.