Easy Fixes To Get Top Dollar for Your Home

Selling your home comes with a long to-do list. Making sure the home shows well is crucial to your bottom line. The more well-kept the property appears, the more likely you are to get a strong offer. Here are some tips to sell your house Charleston SC.

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Fix Minor Damages

Just as you’re expected to repair damages before moving out of an apartment, you’ll want to fix any minor issues before selling your home. Walk around your home and take note of any flaws. Patch up holes in the drywall, make sure all the outlet covers are installed and screwed on tightly and remove visible stains. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on these repairs, but taking a few moments to correct them could make a huge difference. The more imperfections, the less valuable the home seems.

Clean the Carpets

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, it is critical to clean it before showing the home. Fresh carpets lend a pristine air to your home. If you are a smoker or a pet owner, this is doubly important. If someone walks through your home and they are overwhelmed by the odor, they won’t notice all of the selling points. Keep in mind that just because you have grown accustomed to your carpet’s smell doesn’t mean that there isn’t a stench. A new nose will be able to detect lingering smells that yours can’t.


Paint can be expensive, and you don’t necessarily need to paint every room in the house to sell it. However, you should apply a fresh coat of paint to any wall that looks particularly dingy. Additionally, if any rooms are painted a bright color, you may want to paint them a neutral color to appeal to the majority of prospective buyers.

Simple alterations to your home can pay dividends when you put it on the market. Customers don’t want to think about all the things they’ll have to fix, and sprucing up the space will remove that barrier to purchasing.