Creative Landscaping Ideas

If your outdoor spaces are looking rather sparse and even a little dull and dingy, then it’s time to do some landscaping. Read on for some creative landscaping ideas to help you get started sprucing up your yard.


You’ll want plenty of flowers in your outdoor spaces, of course, for these add color and interest. Don’t be afraid to combine varieties and create interesting patterns, but be sure to choose flowers that grow well in your climate.

Vegetable Garden

You may also want to plant a nice, large vegetable garden if you have room for it. Be sure the drainage is good in this part of your yard, and if it isn’t, hire a company to do proper drainage installation Avon MA. Your choice of plants will depend upon your vegetable preferences, the amount of space you have and the weather conditions in your area, but you can enjoy growing your own food and reaping a delicious harvest.

A Seating Area

If you just want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, then incorporate a seating area into your yard. You might create a cozy nook in one corner using hedges. Then, in the middle, add some benches or a couple of comfortable chairs, a small table, an umbrella for shade and perhaps even a fire pit for cozy evening conversations and toasted marshmallows. Surround the area with colorful flowers and greenery for contrast, and then sit back and relish your handiwork.

A Water Feature

Finally, for even more outdoor relaxation, consider adding a water feature to your yard. You might choose a pond if you’re looking for a larger project and stock it with a few colorful fish. Otherwise, a¬†small fountain¬†could be the perfect touch. These range from tabletop models to stand-alone features to wall-mounted designs. No matter what, the sound and sparkle of running water, along with your flowers, garden and seating area, will make your outdoor space special indeed.