Clothing for Your First English Horse Show

There is nothing more exciting than competing in your first English horse show, but it also can be nerve-wracking. To help you prepare, here is a list of the basic clothing and accessories you will need.

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Even though the show’s organizer will do everything possible to ensure the riders’ safety, such as providing the best horse jump cups, you also need to protect yourself with a good helmet. This essential piece of equipment will cushion your skull in case of a fall.


Horse riding pants are required to be a shade of beige. They tend to run small, so it is a good idea to order them at least one size larger than your regular pant size.


There is no special horseback riding shirt. Simply wear a white, button-down shirt that you can tuck into your jodhpurs.


Although not all showgrounds require jackets, wearing one makes you look like a professional equestrian. You can consider spending a little extra on breathable fabric, but younger riders who are apt to outgrow jackets between shows should stick to less expensive models.


The length of boot you wear depends on your age. Typically, riders 11 years old and younger wear ankle-length boots and garters, while those 12 and up are required to sport long riding boots.


A large pin is not something most young girls wear on their everyday clothes, but it is a required accessory for most shows. Have fun picking out a brooch you really like and wear it over your top shirt button with pride.

While it would be wonderful to earn a blue ribbon in every class, don’t put this kind of expectation on yourself. Remember that your first show is more about gaining experience and confidence for both you and your horse. Good luck!