Checkpoints for Your Home

Your home requires plenty of maintenance, but you probably already know that. You might not have thought, however, to create a list of checkpoints that you should revisit on a regular basis to make sure that everything continues running smoothly. Read on for a few possibilities.

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Doors and Windows

Periodically check all of your doors and windows. Make sure your door locks work without sticking and your hinges don’t squeak. Examine your windows for cracks, chips or leaks. Also, check your window screens for tears or cuts, and ensure that they are firmly in place. Don’t neglect your patio doors and screen doors either. You can even inspect your interior doors to see if they need repair.

Water Systems

You’ll certainly want to make sure that your water systems are working well. If you notice strange smells or your water seems hard or tastes funny, you might bring in an expert to do some water testing Manheim PA. If you already have a water softener or filtration system, check salt levels or filter life. Also, take a look at the pipes throughout your house, and examine them for leaks. See if your drains are clogged, too.

Foundation and Walls

Regularly go over your home’s foundation and walls, checking for cracks that could indicate shifting or other serious problems. Look for crumbling places in the foundation and nails or screws coming through walls. You may need to call in a contractor if you notice anything concerning.


Finally, check over your appliances periodically, cleaning them at the same time. Remove dust, hair and debris from your refrigerator coils, for instance. Clear out hard water residue in your dishwasher, and scrub the baked-on goop out of your oven. Clean your dryer vent, too, and wipe the soap scum out of your washer. These regular checks can help keep your appliances in good working order.

You can probably think of other checkpoints in your home, so make your list, and keep on checking.