What To Do When Building a Commercial Office

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Are you ready to stop leasing your current office building? If you’re ready to buy some land and build an office, you might be unsure what to do next. Here are the steps to take when you want to build your new office. 

Choose a Location

You can’t build a new office if you don’t have anywhere to put it. When looking at plots of land, make sure you take all of your needs into account. You should do a rough estimate of about 250 square feet per employee for office space, plus you need to consider how big the parking lot needs to be. 

Before choosing a spot, look into crime reports for the area to ensure that the neighborhood is safe. Additionally, visit the location at different times during the day to see how busy it is. You want a space with plenty of traffic, but not have the traffic be so busy that no one can get to you. 

Find a Contractor

When looking for a contractor to build your new office, you want to choose one with experience building commercial spaces. An office building contractor Sacramento CA will understand the different specifications and codes that commercial buildings must meet to be in business. 

Besides ensuring the contractor is experienced, you also want to confirm that they have a current license with the state and are insured. If you work with someone who isn’t insured, you’re on the hook for any mistakes they make in the building process. 

Keep Track of the Progress

When the work starts on the building, don’t sit back and rely on the contractor or foreman to do everything as you’ve asked. Sometimes, corners get cut, or the wrong products are used, so you need to check the progress multiple times a week to verify everything is up to your specifications. If you find something you aren’t happy with, don’t be afraid to point it out. 

Top 3 Signs That Your Home Has Foundation Problems

All ground eventually settles, including the one below your house. This can cause problems with the foundation, which can escalate if they go untreated over time. The signs that point to these issues sometimes disguise themselves as minor damages and occurrences. Pay attention to the following signs to find foundation problems on time. 

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1. Sticky Windows and Doors 

Wooden doors and windows can some stick and get difficult to open and close at times. This usually happens when water or a high-humidity environment alters and expands wood, blocking doors or windows in the process. However, if there are no humidity problems, then foundation is the factor. When the ground sinks, it also lowers the frames and alters their right angles. Doors and windows keep their shape, so they no longer fit correctly.

2. Internal and External Cracks

Having cracks throughout the house can be normal. Some are caused by an object’s impact while others result from water damage. There are specific cracks that indicate a weak foundation pulling down the house. For instance, large diagonal cracks originating from door and window frames show that something is pulling them down and damaging the wall. Also, if you own a brick home, look for long cracks that form alongside the mortar’s staircase pattern. A CSI engineer Tulsa can inspect these cracks and determine the next course of action. 

3. Uneven Floor and Surfaces 

Faulty foundation affects wood and concrete floors differently. Wooden floors will have squeaky, warped and sagging boards that result from unstable support beams located through crawlspaces or the basement. Meanwhile, you might see cracks and damaged tiles in concrete surfaces, but they might be harder to spot. Use a level to measure the floor and pay attention to spilled liquids. If they head in a single direction, you may have uneven floors. 

Your home’s weakening foundation can manifest in subtle ways before it gets worse. Pay attention to these signs so you can act fast. 

Affordable Ways To Remodel Your Kitchen

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Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to take a lot of time. Making a few inexpensive changes can significantly affect your kitchen’s appearance. Here are some ways to update your kitchen.

Paint the Cabinets

Replacing the kitchen cabinets can get pretty pricey. If you want your cabinets to have a fresh, new look without purchasing new ones, consider painting them. While you can choose any color, white is a popular choice because it matches everything. White cabinets will also brighten up the space. 

Replace the Flooring

Look into a kitchen remodeling St Louis MO company to help you pick the perfect flooring. The best options are tile, linoleum and vinyl because you can wipe spills up easily and without the fear of damaging the floor. Hardwood floor is aesthetically appealing but can warp easily from moisture and dent if something falls on it. Additionally, hardwood floors can be expensive, especially if you have a large kitchen.

Add New Lighting

If your kitchen is dimly lit, look into adding new lighting. Recessed lights are helpful because they can be placed throughout the kitchen to illuminate the area uniformly. While recessed lights have gained popularity, it’s important to note that you’ll have to cut holes in the ceiling to install them.

Adding under-cabinet lights will also make a big difference in your kitchen. These lights come in handy, especially while you’re trying to cook. Two popular undercabinet light options are puck lights and LED strip lights.

Transform the Countertop

Buying a new countertop can be expensive. However, if you want an affordable upgrade, consider laying marble tiles on top of the old countertop or painting the original counter to resemble stone. You can even use concrete to create a countertop with any color scheme your heart desires.

Modernizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Take time when you can to make an occasional change. Each one will make a huge difference in your kitchen’s appearance.

Gutters Can Prevent Many Very Different Problems

The people who have started noticing certain problems around the house may need to have their gutters repaired. When a house’s gutters start to experience issues, a lot of new problems may develop.

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Mold Growth

Water damage can be incredibly destructive, and Lakeland gutters can help prevent it. When those gutters are damaged, people may begin to see different signs of household water damage, including mold. Mildew can also be an issue under these circumstances. 

Mold can take some time to grow, and it may take even more time for a mold infestation to become noticeable. Some issues associated with sufficiently damaged gutters will be evident immediately. 

Exterior Staining 

Without effective gutters, it’s easier for water to stain the outside of a person’s home. This water will also be relatively dirty, and it could carry dirt and debris with it. The stains on the home’s exterior maybe even worse as a result. 

People might see stains like this directly after a rainstorm. The house’s paint might also become visibly damaged. If the rainstorm was strong enough, it’s possible that people will start to see problems with the landscapes surrounding their homes as well. 

While landscapes often need a decent amount of water, getting a lot of water all at once from leaking or broken gutters can harm landscapes. If these situations happen frequently enough, some soil could also erode. Different products from White Aluminum Lakeland and other companies can help people avoid all these concerns, which may be costly to address simultaneously. 

Installing new gutters usually won’t take very long. If people need to get older gutters repaired, they also usually won’t need to set aside much time for it. However, the collection of household problems related to damaged gutters can be much more expensive and complicated to fix. 

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Like any other component in your home, windows do get worn and torn as well. You can do some quick fixes for the little issues that come for a while, such as adding a fresh layer of sealant to get it more secure, but even this temporary fix is bound to be worn out fast as well. 

Here are some telltale signs that your windows need replacing.

Persistent Cold Drafts

Windows are supposed to provide a layer of protection from outdoor elements, such as cold drafts and humidity. If all your windows are firmly shut, and still you feel persistent cold drafts coming, it may be because a window has a broken seal. It’s also possible that the frames have weakened, such that the draft is passing through the materials itself already.

This problem will impact your utility bills, because the colder the draft, the harder your HVAC unit will work to keep your home interiors cozy and warm. 

Damaged Frames

It only takes a quick look to see if the window frames are already decayed and damaged. This is a serious problem because it is structural in nature. Window frames are also supported points for the structure of the house, so if it is weak and can no longer help hold up the weight, it’s possible that a section of the house could become misaligned and lopsided.

Outside Noise

Windows help block out noise too. If you’ve been hearing more sounds from the street or your neighbor’s than you would ever want to, check your windows. Especially for those who are sensitive to noise, upgrading your windows to double-paned ones can help a lot in blocking out the rest of the outdoor noise. 

Professionals like at White Aluminum The Villages can help with your window replacement needs.

4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Front Door

If you are considering some home renovations that will enhance your home’s curb appeal, you should include your front door. Doors are not the same, and the right one will complement your home’s style. As discussed below, here are some factors to consider. 

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The Door Material

The most common door materials are wood, fiberglass, and steel. Each comes with various pros and cons, and so your consideration here will depend on your taste and budget. Wood doors come in multiple shades, and they are attractive but require frequent maintenance. Fiberglass is energy efficient, and steel is durable with limited texture options. 

The Style You Want

Front doors come in various styles; from a glass door, double doors, and solid wood door. Whichever type you choose, prioritize security and energy efficiency. The doors need to protect the house from weather elements and robbers. Residential door experts like Cool Change Doors and Windows are familiar with multiple front door styles and can help you choose. 

Will it Swing In or Out?

Most homeowners have been choosing their front doors to swing inward. However, there has been a rise in doors swinging out as well. In areas prone to hurricanes, doors are installed to swing outside to prevent them from being blown into the house. Some people, however, have their reservations, since outward swinging doors usually expose hinges. 

What Locks to Use

To ensure the safety of your home, you need a deadbolt. It will prevent robbers from opening the lock using a credit card. Get a professional who will install the strike plate and lock correctly to secure your home. You can use grade two locks as they are the most recommended for residential properties. 

Your home is a significant investment. Therefore, you want to ensure you are choosing something solid that will serve you for a long time. Also, look for a door replacement company that provides good service and promises customer satisfaction.  

3 Key Tips To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal in a Hurry Before Selling

Looking to give your home a quick update right before you list it? If you’re on a time crunch and need to get your home sold fast, you need to give your home some curb appeal so that prospective buyers will experience love at first sight. Here are three key tips to give your home a curb appeal boost in a hurry.

Curb Appeal

1. Repair the Gutters

Potential buyers don’t want to come to a property and immediately notice problems that they’d need to fix. That’s exactly what happens if you list your home while your gutters are in need of repair. Consult your local experts in gutter repair Vancouver WA to quickly take care of the job before the “for-sale” sign hits your front yard.

2. Trim and Prune Trees

Another project that buyers won’t want to do is trimming trees. If you have any large branches hanging over your roof, this can be a worrisome sign to potential buyers. Be sure to remove any branches before you hit the branch collar, where the branch directly connects to the trunk. When trees are well-maintained, it actually increases the value of your property so look at this as time well-spent.

3. Use Color

An easy way to create an attractive focal point that draws in those potential buyers is adding pops of color to your front entry. You can do this by placing some potted plants around your front porch or stoop. Fill each flowerpot with annuals in bold colors, leading visitors’ eyes straight to your door. Use pots and flowers of varying height to provide extra variety and visual interest.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time improving your home’s exterior to make it look nice to homebuyers. By completing the simple updates on this list, your property becomes poised to move quickly on the market.