Which Air Conditioner Repair Company Should You Hire?

Has your air conditioner started to sputter? Is that air that is coming out of it not as cold as you want it to be? If this is the case, you need to have a repair technician come to your home as soon as possible to get your air conditioner working again like it is supposed to. This might seem like an easy thing to do. However, you should never simply just randomly call an air conditioner repair company. You need to do a little more work than that. Otherwise, you run the risk of hiring someone who is incompetent. Here is how you will be able to locate an experienced repair technician who will do a great job for you.

1. Reach out to friends and neighbors to find out who has fixed their air conditioners in the past.

People who are close to you might be able to provide you with some references for repair companies that can fix your air conditioner. This can save you the trouble of searching for a repair company yourself. Ask these people if they are happy with the work that was done by the repair company they hired. Did their air conditioner work perfectly after they fixed it? Were there any other problems with the unit that the technician could not solve? What was the total cost of the repair? How long did they need to wait for the technician to arrive at their home? The answers to these questions will help to guide you during your search for a company that performs air conditioning repair Chicago.

2. The Better Business Bureau will have many air conditioner repair companies profiled on their site that operate in your area.

Another great place you can get some references is from the BBB. Always check out the rating that they give to each repair company they review.

3. Only settle for a licensed and insured repair technician.

Never allow a person to start working on your air conditioner until you verify that he is licensed in your state. His insurance coverage should also be current.

What Makes the Sub-Zero Refrigerator the Best on the Market?

Sub-Zero is well-known as the best built-in brand of refrigerator on the market and is ubiquitous in the high-end appliance industry.

So, why do professional designers opt for Sub-Zero fridges over other brands of built-in refrigerators? There are a number of reasons, including their luxurious design, an impressive track record and reputation, impeccable craftsmanship, and attention to details. Here are just a few things that make Sub-Zero the best fridge available.

Dual Compressor System

Sub-Zero is the only brand of built-in refrigerators that features a dual compressor system in each and every model. By incorporating two compressors, this allows the fridge and freezer compartments to operate on independent cooling systems, which in turn allows for more exact humidity and temperature controls in every compartment and prevents total system failure — should one compressor, shut down, the other will continue working.

The majority of refrigerators feature only a single compressor that is controlled by an integrated thermostat. When the temperature of the fridge goes over a certain level, the compressor will jump in to cycle the air between the fridge and freezer compartments in order to regulate its internal temperature.

Having only one compressor that regulates two different compartments at varying temperatures is not very efficient. The more the fridge temperature fluctuates, the quicker the food will spoil. The whole reason for Sub-Zero’s dual compressor system is to maintain the stability of the temperature and humidity in order to prolong the life of the food.

NASA Designed Air Purification System

Every Sub-Zero built-in fridge comes with an air purification system that features innovative technology designed by NASA that is used on their space shuttles. It is this same technology that keeps astronauts alive that also purifies the air inside a Sub-Zero fridge.

The interchangeable filter helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, foul smells, and ethylene gas, the latter of which is released from specific types of produce as they age and start decomposing.

Extra-Durable Plastic Compartments

The plastic that is used for the various shelves and drawers is highly durable and can withstand a great deal of pressure and force. In fact, it’s the same plastic that is used to make space and sports helmets, bullet-resistant windows, and high-performance windshields.

Where other appliance companies often cut corners, Sub-Zero does not, which can be seen with the commercial-grade plastic used in their compartments. The Sub-Zero logo is representative of the highest quality refrigerator that can be found and offers assurance that every part and detail of the fridge is built from top-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Sub-Zero fridges are certainly built to last, but if ever something requires repairing, enlist the help of Sub Zero service center NYC.