How To Use Glass in Your Interior Design

Glass makes a beautiful material for use inside the home. Many designers turn to glass products when they want to increase the sense of spaciousness in residences. Furthermore, glass allows more light to enter the room and can even highlight particular objects placed near or on its surface. Many interior designers incorporate glass into their design projects in three beautiful ways.

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1. Glass Shower Enclosures

A shower enclosure made of glass helps ensure no water enters the other bathroom areas. Glass enclosures also provide a chic way to finish off a large walk-in shower that incorporates more significant parts of the bathroom space overall. Because the glass can run floor to ceiling or fit into spaces created by shower walls, glass shower enclosures can add function and seamless style to the overall bathroom design aesthetic.

2. Glass Shelf Solutions

Glass shelving gives the discerning homeowner a means for showcasing special mementos. Because they allow light to enter from underneath and above, shelves made of sturdy glass materials bring a sparkling brightness to the objects they help to highlight. Sometimes, unfortunately, glass can get broken through misuse. However, when looking for glass replacement Hialeah FL homeowners can find glass product providers who can offer remedies for this common situation, helping you find the replacement shelves you might need.

3. Glass Tabletop Options

Tabletops made from glass can provide a sleek and modern style to a living room or dining room. When you can see through the tabletop to the floor, the legs of the table have more of a chance to engage the viewer than when traditional wood or metal functions as the table topper. The increased accent on table legs helps open up more design possibilities considering the many table leg and glass top combinations available.

Glass as an interior design material holds a prominent place in many designers’ time-tested options for bringing beauty to the indoors. Furthermore, it offers both function and unique form when applied to many design elements in the home.

3 Tips for Making a Small Room Look Larger

Living large can sometimes mean making the deliberate choice for a smaller home. Tiny homes require less upkeep and maintenance, making them attractive for many with other interests besides house cleaning and repairs. However, most people living in smaller residences still want to create a feeling of spaciousness. Consequently, interior designers might suggest three tips to make small rooms appear larger than their actual square footage.

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1. Choose Paint Wisely

When looking for color help from an interior design professional Rock Hill SC homeowners might ask about light versus dark color choices and where to apply them. For example, if you have a rectangular-shaped room that you wish to look larger, consider adding a darker paint color to the two longer walls. For instance, if painting the room yellow, you might go down a couple of shades darker yellow, or make a bold color emphasis and choose a very dark color, perhaps a dark purple, to complement the yellow. This technique helps make the room appear larger overall. Furthermore, bright colors and colors with sheen, such as gloss or semi-gloss paints, also add to the expansive look of a room.

2. Add Mirrors Selectively

Adding a mirror to one long wall provides a glamorous way to expand a room’s appearance. The mirror’s reflective qualities bring brightness and light bouncing off the surface, creating a spacious look. Go small with a wall mirror, or use a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the entire wall.

3. Place Minimal Furniture

Choose furniture appropriately proportioned to the space, and select the fewest pieces to deliver the greatest impact in style and function. For instance, create a focal point in the room, perhaps a window view or fireplace, and place furniture to emphasize the spot. Additionally, use the corners of the room by angling furniture into conversation areas. Moreover, think about how you want to use the space, how people will traverse the room and keep the pathways clear.

Small homes can offer as much style and elegance as larger ones. Furthermore, designers can help with other ideas for designing your interior to increase its appearance.

The Interior of a House Can Be Updated Slowly or Moderately

Redesigning an entire home can certainly take lots of time for anyone. Some customers might avoid changing one room’s interior design because they’re worried that they’ll soon have to update even more of their rooms after that point. 

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Modern Rooms

There’s no reason to change every room in the entire building all at once, however. If one room looks newer than another one, it isn’t necessarily an issue. Plenty of people use different interior design styles in different rooms at the same time. 

It’s common for many kitchens and bathrooms to have a very modern or trendy appearance, for example. That’s partly because these rooms have plumbing fixtures and multiple appliances. It’s easy for bathroom and kitchen furniture to look worn and faded, so having it replaced fairly steadily can make sense.

The living room furniture might be used for years without being changed or exchanged, however. People often like it when their living rooms have a very classic and almost historic look. When customers purchase antique furniture, they’ll often keep it in their living rooms specifically. Otherwise, it will usually be displayed in the bedroom or a sitting room. 

If a house’s bathroom looks like it was installed yesterday and its living room looks like it could be decades old, it can create a fascinating contrast. Some people also want their bathrooms to have a somewhat antique appearance as well, but they’ll still usually want the bathroom to be modern in some ways. 

The people who have remodeled and redesigned their bathrooms and kitchens certainly should not have to assume that this means that they will have to set aside time to do the same for their other rooms. An interior designer Denver-based can certainly help them do so one way or another, but they’ll have several options at that point. 

New Homes

When people make updates to the exteriors of their homes, their homes will usually look entirely different on the outside. The exteriors of homes have more than one component, but a house’s interior has more sections. 

People will repaint their entire homes externally if they’ve decided to repaint them at all, at least in most cases. However, repainting only a few rooms on the inside of the house is fine. Some rooms indoors may have already been repainted a few years ago. If the paint is still in good condition and people still like the way it looks, changing it may not be essential. Repainting rooms where the paint has started to deteriorate more visibly might be more important. 

However, people don’t have to wait for the paint to reach this stage. They can change it or decide not to change it at any point. If they do change the paint in a room, they’ll already make it look substantially different.

Making specific interior design changes can help people modify the interiors of their homes more efficiently. They might want almost every aspect of a particular room altered. However, other people may just care about simpler modifications indoors. 

Looking For Ways To Redecorate Your Home?

When you get the itch to redecorate your home, it can seem like an overwhelming and costly project. Fanning through magazines or websites that list how you can make rooms bigger by moving walls can make you want to turn and run! Instead of tearing down walls, why not begin with a simple project that won’t cost much money yet can make the room look very different from when you started the project. Here are three ideas to get you started. 

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Even if you love the white walls in your home, you can still change the color slightly to redecorate your rooms by selecting soft white or icy white when you repaint. However, if you want to be more daring, you can dramatically change the look of any area with a bright or dark focus wall. You can also paint picture frames, shelves, and wooden boxes for accents in any room.


You don’t have to completely replace all your furniture to make your home look and feel newly redecorated. Instead, why not choose a few favorite pieces and then add several rustic furniture Waupun WI items to complete the room. Don’t forget to change wall decorations, move your shelving around, and highlight with some fun pictures.


Let light into your home by removing those old, heavy draperies and replacing them with curtains or sheer drapes. Switch the old fabrics with new light-weight pleated panels, sheer sections, or dramatic swags to brighten the room with color. Changing the dark materials out for lighter colors can also make the room appear larger and more open.

Let the natural beauty of your home shine through by making a few simple changes. You don’t have to move the walls to fall in love with your home again. Just rearrange the furniture, add new paint, and change out the curtains. Your home will look completely different!

Acoustic Plaster: Benefits and Applications

Acoustic plaster is the plaster which includes fibres or aggregate so that it absorbs sound effectively. Discussing below are some simple and straight benefits and application of Acoustic Plasters.

1. Easy to Install

Acoustic panels are a simple way to get them better acoustics at your home. Many panels come with the quick, easy installation methods. Whilst acoustic plaster makes the sound stop from escaping a room and is often done through internal wall installation and sealing gaps, acoustic panels can improve the sound quality of the room with general principles, some planning, and a little physical effort.

Some local companies may include this service for free with the purchase and delivery of acoustic panels.

2. Increased Privacy

Whether you have kids, roommates, or guests, you may not want others listening in so easily on your conversations. Hard surfaces bounce sound around a room, but sound-absorbing acoustic panels are the key to making confidentiality simple.

Because the main function of many acoustic panels is to absorb sound, installing acoustic panels on your walls and ceiling can lead to increased privacy.

3. More Comfort

This benefit should not be so very obvious — acoustic plaster can mean more comfort! Not very much in the way of sitting per se, but definitely in the way of comfort for your ears and head.

Noise in your house, can result in performing certain activities to eat away at your peace and quiet. This can leave you feeling irritated, unnerved, and even in pain from too much sound hitting your ears and need to be processed by your senses. Hanging acoustic panels that can absorb sounds may be that simple yet effective part of your entire acoustic plan that leads to happy ears.

4. Less Stress

In the same vein as acoustic panels providing more comfort, better sound in your home can lead to less stress. Acoustic plaster can stop reverberations and loud noise, both of which can frazzle nerves.

The last thing just about anyone wants when they come home is more stress, so planning and installing acoustic panels in the right positions throughout your home for better sound is another not-so-obvious benefit.

5. Better Entertainment

Who doesn’t want a theatre quality experience at home without dropping thousands of dollars on an expensive sound system? Correct acoustic panels that are in addition of acoustic solutions like bass traps, can take a decent middle-of-the-road sound system and make it sound like you spent *way* more the system.


Apart from the benefits, acoustic plaster needs high levels of artisan skills in order to target the rated sound absorption coefficients. The ratios, proportions and recommended mixing time of the plaster should be followed strictly in order to achieve the desired result. To ensure the seamless surface, it is suggested to begin with a ceiling that is perfectly level. The absorptive substrate panels are then attached with its seams filled and sanded smooth. Layers of plaster coating are then applied to achieve a seamless smooth surface. Acoustic plasters can be worked to produce a different surface texture but must be done timely after the application.

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Make an Impact on Your Decor With a Big Change

If it is time to redecorate your living room or family room, make a huge impact by investing in one or two big room items. Consider some of the more expensive items that can completely change the style of the room. If your budget allows, choose one or two of those to change when creating the new design in your home.

Window Treatment

You might want to update your window coverings. Blinds, curtains, and shades are all possibilities. If you aren’t looking for your window decoration to be the main focal point of the window, there are options for that. A window treatment that may be perfect for your style is the roller shades New York sunscreen. With this type of shade, you can see out your window but no one can see in it, and the shade protects your home from the sun’s rays.


Your floors can make a large impact on the look and feel of your room. The color and texture of carpet affect the feel of your room, but it is tricky matching carpet to design. It is not ideal to have to change your carpet every time trends and your style change. Hard floors such as wood floors are always in style. It is also easy to change the feel of hard floors based on what design you are going for by adding a rug.


If you are going for a big change, you might want to change to your room furnishings. Updating your sitting furniture such as the sofa, love seat, or chairs can change the look of your room. If you are going for something a little less drastic, you can add or update end tables or accent tables. If you are keen on do-it-yourself projects, tackle painting or reupholstering existing items.

If you are looking to make a big difference in the feel of your home, opt for one or two big changes. As long as you budget for the added expense, you can embrace the big change and love the results.

Tired Furniture Trends And Décor Ideas To Avoid:

Though home decor trends don’t cycle in and out of style as quickly as fashion ones do, it still pays to keep an eye on what’s trending to keep your home feeling current and well-judged. To help inspire you, we turned to Décor Aid interior designers for their takes on what to skip out on so you won’t make any design mistakes that’ll waste your money and time.

From wall art that’s seriously lacking in sophistication to the upcycled trend that we can’t wait to see go, here’s everything you should be avoiding to keep your home on trend for years to come.

Mason Jars

Sure, it can be joyful to know that you are recycling and repurposing items in your home that you would normally discard, yet some items should be reused only to a certain extent. Case in point – mason jars.

The problem with mason jars is how crafty people take them as they can only go so far. Sure, they make for excellent storage containers for toiletries like cotton balls and q-tips, but they can also come off as immature, low-budget, and all too common when decorated and painted. Instead, leave mason jars as is, maybe save for a ribbon bow if you must, and do use them to make storage areas look all the more tidy and organized.

Farmhouse Style

If you’ve seen something a million times and still feel indifferent about it, chances are that it’s not for you. And that’s often the case when it comes to taking a theme too literally in your home. That said, enough with the repurposed sliding barn doors often seen in contemporary homes where the owner wanted to make a surprising and unique statement. After all, unless you really do reside in a converted barn, there’s almost no reason to bring a barnyard chic look into your home.

Upcycled Décor

Again, recycling and repurposing items is always much more justifiable than tossing them out, but the beauty lies in your approach, and again, not being too literal. And like mason jars, upcycled furnishings are better left for a local pub or burger shack to decorate with. Take this oddball bike converted into a bathroom sink pedestal. In all reality, that looks like a perfectly fine bike and it is attractive to boot. So why on earth does it make for a sensible sink pedestal? In fact, it doesn’t at all and looks too try-hard and forced. And it will also take away from your homes resale value as it is too specific for everyone, or really, just about anyone for that matter, to appreciate.

Crafty Reclaimed Wood

Who doesn’t love arts & crafts? After all, the appeal is almost universal, that is until you actually have too many crafty items decorating your home. Sure a few pieces here and there are great for adding warmth to a room, but leave crafty finds for diehard Etsy aesthetes and bring in sensational, adult décor.

Inspiring Signs

While their intention may be to inspire you, don’t you already know how to live, laugh, love, and breath? Will you really find any benefit from such a trite and tasteless reminder covering a wall or a throw pillow? The answer is ultimately a no. Save your walls for actual art that’ll really inspire and leave the motivational signs for life coaches.

Wall Decals

Unless you live in a supermarket or a children’s preschool, there’s almost no reason that a decal will do when decorating your home. Instead, save precious wall space for authentic art that you can move around as a wall decal of any kind will end up looking gimmicky, and childish in no time.

Faux Paint Techniques

Since painting your home on your own can be a painfully time-consuming upgrade, and bringing in a professional can end up costing a small fortune, keep your approach to painting techniques on the more traditional side. After all, those pigmented brush strokes that you thought looked conceptual at first are going to bore you much sooner than a classic house paint application ever will. 

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