Clothing for Your First English Horse Show

There is nothing more exciting than competing in your first English horse show, but it also can be nerve-wracking. To help you prepare, here is a list of the basic clothing and accessories you will need.

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Even though the show’s organizer will do everything possible to ensure the riders’ safety, such as providing the best horse jump cups, you also need to protect yourself with a good helmet. This essential piece of equipment will cushion your skull in case of a fall.


Horse riding pants are required to be a shade of beige. They tend to run small, so it is a good idea to order them at least one size larger than your regular pant size.


There is no special horseback riding shirt. Simply wear a white, button-down shirt that you can tuck into your jodhpurs.


Although not all showgrounds require jackets, wearing one makes you look like a professional equestrian. You can consider spending a little extra on breathable fabric, but younger riders who are apt to outgrow jackets between shows should stick to less expensive models.


The length of boot you wear depends on your age. Typically, riders 11 years old and younger wear ankle-length boots and garters, while those 12 and up are required to sport long riding boots.


A large pin is not something most young girls wear on their everyday clothes, but it is a required accessory for most shows. Have fun picking out a brooch you really like and wear it over your top shirt button with pride.

While it would be wonderful to earn a blue ribbon in every class, don’t put this kind of expectation on yourself. Remember that your first show is more about gaining experience and confidence for both you and your horse. Good luck!

Kid’s Birthday Gift Ideas

Kid's Birthday Gift Ideas

It can be hard trying to find the perfect birthday gift for a child. The things that are considered popular are always changing and only last for a short time. Here are a few ideas on what you could buy a child the next time you need a present.


Most kids love any type of fun toy or game. You could choose something that has popular characters from a tv show or movie on it, and many will like action figures or dolls. You can also find some of the most popular items of the year posted on the internet. If you are going to a themed party, getting a toy to match it may be a smart decision since you know the child likes that already.


Books are important for a child’s development. It helps them learn and have an imagination. While some kids may not love to read, almost all of them enjoy listening to stories. You could even make a personalized birthday book for child, giving them their own special story. When looking for a book, make sure it’s the appropriate age level.  


Almost all kids know what money is. SO when they open their card and see it inside, they will most likely get excited. It can be a helpful gift when the child may have a large item they are trying to save for. You may not be able to buy something expensive on your own, but you can chip in to help with the cost. Every child is different, so some may like to save it while others spend it right away. Either way, money is an easy and valuable gift option.

A child’s birthday can be one of their most favorite days of the year. Help them make it special by getting them the perfect gift.

Industrial Filtration: What’s It All About?

If you’re new to the concept of industrial filtration, it’s the process by which industrial and manufacturing entities isolate gases, oils, liquids and solids. Industrial filtration is necessary for operating systems to flow efficiently and smoothly. Here are three types of industrial filtration.

1. Contamination Control Breathers

Contamination control is an important part of manufacturing, and there are many different types of products. Air Sentry breathers, for example, are designed to replace the air filter or breather cap on storage tanks, oil drums and other types of fluid-holding receptacles. These desiccant breathers absorb moisture from the air and remove minuscule particulates. Their silica gel component turns from gold to green to indicate the breather’s depletion. From Air Sentry breathers North Carolina to those in other locations, these high-technology contamination controllers get the job done.

2. Oil-Water Separators

Engineers designed oil-water separators to remove oil from compressor condensate. There are many different types of separators across industries. One of the most common types is found in the marine industry: A shipboard oil-water separator isolates oil from wastewater before it goes into the ocean or sea. Processing wastewater so that it can be safely discharged is critical to many industries and environmental health.

3. HVAC Air Filtration

A common feature of residential and commercial properties, HVAC air filtration collects bacteria, molds and dust. Clean air filters not only benefit the health of home and business occupants, but also the efficiency of HVAC units. From panel, pocket and pleated filters to turbine and dust collector filters, there’s an incredible choice of air filtration products to suit and fit your home or business’ HVAC system.

There are many industrial filtration systems and products in today’s market. Now that you’re up to speed on contamination control breathers, oil-water separators and HVAC air filtration, why not research hydraulic filtration or industrial coalescers and separators?

3 Types of Low Income Housing

The average cost of a two-bedroom rental in the United States is just shy of $900 a month. There is no longer a state anywhere in America where a person working 40 hours a week and earning minimum wage can afford a two-bedroom rental. This disparity between income and the price of housing leaves many people struggling to find a place to live that they can afford. Fortunately, there are programs to help low-income earners find housing. 

3 Types of Low Income Housing

1. Housing Choice Vouchers

Housing choice vouchers, also known as section 8, is a program administered by the federal Housing and Urban Development department. Landlords meeting HUD criteria may accept housing choice vouchers from renters through this program. Renters can choose their own home, as long as the home meets safety standards. The government pays the landlord the amount of money specified in the housing voucher and the renter is responsible for paying any difference. Apartments, townhouses and single-family homes are eligible for this program. Voucher amounts vary based on the renter’s income, family composition and the average cost of rent in the area. 

2. Public Housing

Public housing options are administered by your local public housing authority. Public housing may be apartments, townhouses or single-family homes and eligibility is based upon gross annual income. The housing agency may contact past landlords and visit renter’s current homes to determine whether the renter is a suitable tenant. In addition to the income requirement, applicants must be a family, senior citizen or person with a disability and must be a citizen of the United States. 

3. Privately Owned Subsidized Housing

The government provides some landlords with funds specifically to provide low-income rentals. To qualify for this housing, you must meet both the rental guidelines of the landlord and the income limits for your size family.

Top Considerations for Service Station Construction

Service stations are necessary to provide gas, fill slow leaking tires and purchase snacks. Since they are a vital part of the economy, owning one can be a great way to make a living. In addition to finding the right spot for your gas station, here are some other things to consider.

Public Restrooms

One key aspect of service station construction California owners can expect is including public restrooms. Many travelers look forward to a clean place to use the restroom that does not require payment. Gas stations have provided this service for years. Not only can a clean restroom meet a need for travelers, but they may end up buying something in the store on their way back out to their vehicles. If you cater to truck drivers, consider offering a shower for their use.

Free Services

The state of California requires that all service stations offer customers free air for their tires and pressure gauges. In addition, water for vehicles is free as well. The law went into effect in 1999. Most service stations already provide coin-operated machines for these services but paying customers should receive these services without charge.

Fuel Options

Offering all three types of unleaded gasoline and diesel allows you to cater to multiple types of vehicles. Biofuel options allow you to cater to another subset of the vehicles you service. You can even offer power stations for hybrid and electric cars to “refuel.” Depending on where you build your service station, you may want to have a separate space for trucks. These spaces should have taller roofs and lots of space for large trucks to easily move in and out of the parking lot. Keeping them away from the regular cars can make your service station a great place for truckers to stop. Inviting truckers to your station can increase your profits especially for frequent stoppers.

Three Times You Might Need a Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you’re buying your first home or flipping houses professionally, you might find yourself in a situation where you need a personal or commercial real estate lawyer. Enlisting the help of a professional in these situations can be cost-effective and time saving in the long run. Here are a few times when you might need to enlist the help of one of these professionals in order to close on a house, buy or sell a business, or handle property tax issues.

During Closings

Buying or selling a home can be an incredibly stressful time. Even if you’ve navigated the selling or purchase of a home alone, the final closing of the sale can be extremely tricky and might require professional guidance. A real estate lawyer can act as an additional set of eyes to ensure that you’re not being taken advantage of by another party and protect your contract.

Buying and Selling Businesses

A commercial real estate lawyer Austin TX might come in handy if you are buying or selling a business space. They can navigate lease signings, mergers, LLCs, and more, and ensure that your business is protected. There might be many commercial real estate laws depending on your area, so having someone who is well-versed in these issues could be crucial in the success of this venture. Commercial real estate lawyers will be able to inform you about zoning requirements, and what you are or are not legally able to do with your property.

Property Tax Issues

If you’ve come across any issues with your property taxes, you may need to hire a professional real estate lawyer to help you navigate your legal rights in this matter. Whether you feel like your property has been improperly assessed or you are interested in knowing your property tax obligation, these professionals can help you make sense of this complex matter.

Understanding the Weight Limits of Caster Wheels (

Regardless of how and where you use caster wheels, you need to know how much weight they can support. The last thing you want is for your caster wheel to give out while you are transporting a heavy object. The amount of weight a caster wheel can support depends on a variety of factors including how many wheels you plan to use to support the object. Ideally, the object’s weight evenly balances between each of the wheels allowing for easy rolling and maneuverability. The wheel type, wheel diameter, tread profile and tread width all impact how much the caster wheels can support.

Wheel Type

Caster wheels typically come in hard or soft. Heavy duty casters can support larger weights and thus are made from hard materials such as phenolic resins, steel and cast iron. Soft wheels can be made of rubber and nylon ideal for smaller load capacities and more delicate flooring surfaces such as hardwood. Consider the flooring surface when selecting wheel material to prevent damage to the floor.

Wheel Diameter

Larger wheels can generally support more weight than smaller wheels. An iron core polyurethane wheel that is 12 inches in diameter can support up to 3,500 pounds. Meanwhile, a decorative caster three inches in diameter may only hold 95 pounds. Heavy loads need those larger diameter wheels to roll easier across the floor.

Tread Profile

For easier maneuverability and rolling, rounded tread profiles may be the perfect selection. However, flat tread profiles tend to wear better over time and thus last longer than rounded tread. For heavier items, flat tread profiles more evenly distribute the weight and tend to have larger load capacities than rounded tread even if everything else is identical.

Tread Width 

When the height of an object prevents you from having wider wheels, tread width may be the answer to holding more weight. Narrower treads cannot support as much weight as wider treads. Decreasing the tread width on the same wheel can subtract the load capacities of the wheel by several hundred pounds.

When considering the type of caster wheels you need for your business or home, it’s important to choose on that can handle the weight of the object you plan to move. Larger and heavier objects benefit from wider wheels and treads. Decorative casters don’t support as much weight but provide more options for style and look. Consider choosing casters that can handle weight limits higher than you think you need in case the load is uneven or shifts during movement.