Creative Landscaping Ideas

If your outdoor spaces are looking rather sparse and even a little dull and dingy, then it’s time to do some landscaping. Read on for some creative landscaping ideas to help you get started sprucing up your yard.


You’ll want plenty of flowers in your outdoor spaces, of course, for these add color and interest. Don’t be afraid to combine varieties and create interesting patterns, but be sure to choose flowers that grow well in your climate.

Vegetable Garden

You may also want to plant a nice, large vegetable garden if you have room for it. Be sure the drainage is good in this part of your yard, and if it isn’t, hire a company to do proper drainage installation Avon MA. Your choice of plants will depend upon your vegetable preferences, the amount of space you have and the weather conditions in your area, but you can enjoy growing your own food and reaping a delicious harvest.

A Seating Area

If you just want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, then incorporate a seating area into your yard. You might create a cozy nook in one corner using hedges. Then, in the middle, add some benches or a couple of comfortable chairs, a small table, an umbrella for shade and perhaps even a fire pit for cozy evening conversations and toasted marshmallows. Surround the area with colorful flowers and greenery for contrast, and then sit back and relish your handiwork.

A Water Feature

Finally, for even more outdoor relaxation, consider adding a water feature to your yard. You might choose a pond if you’re looking for a larger project and stock it with a few colorful fish. Otherwise, a small fountain could be the perfect touch. These range from tabletop models to stand-alone features to wall-mounted designs. No matter what, the sound and sparkle of running water, along with your flowers, garden and seating area, will make your outdoor space special indeed.

Tips for Making Your Backyard More Inviting

Do you wish your family spent more time together? Perhaps you could spend more time eating meals outside and enjoying quality time together on your back patio. Your backyard is a great space to use, whether for family time or fun with friends, and you shouldn’t ignore it if you don’t feel it’s the most comfortable space. Here are things you can do to make your backyard more inviting. 

exterior lighting winter park

Address the Landscaping

If your grass has grown out of control and the weeds are all over the place, you likely don’t want to spend much time in the environment. When you want to create a more inviting area, you’ll want to keep the landscaping under control. You could also plant trees, bushes and flowers that help give the backyard more personality and make it more comfortable to be in. A fountain or pond are also great features to consider. They look great, have a calming effect, and drown out the sounds of the neighborhood because of their bubbling. 

Add Lighting

You don’t want the fun to end just because the sun goes down. Instead, speak to an exterior lighting Winter Park specialist about installing lighting in your backyard. If you have a shed, pool or other feature you need to access at the back of your yard, make sure you install lights on the path that make those things easy to access at night. Additionally, you might want to think about installing different types of lights for your backyard. For example, you could have a main bright light for game nights and a softer light option for dinners and quiet gatherings. 

Include Entertainment

When you want to spend more time outside, you want to have things to do. The fun things to include could be a basketball court, a pool or a play area for the kids. You could also have a comfortable seating area, projector and screen set up outside so you can have movie nights. 

Top 3 Ohio Landscaping Ideas

Ohio can have cold winters, but there is no reason to let that stop you from making the outdoors of your home a top priority. The problem is, many people are unsure how they want to shape their land. If this sounds familiar, then you may find it beneficial to have a consultation with a reputable landscaping company near you.

Top 3 Ohio Landscaping Ideas

To help you start brainstorming what to do for your next outdoor project, consider these three fun ideas.

1. Invest in Tree Removal Services

How do the trees around your property look? Without a doubt, tree removal services Hamilton County OH can be valuable to invest in if your shrubs need some work. Because most professional landscapers have a team of experienced workers for garden and yard services, you can expect to get a lot more out of your space than when trying to do lawn maintenance on your own. 

2. Install a Stone Pathway

Another fun landscaping idea worth considering is the installation of a stone pathway. Regardless of the size of your outdoor area, a stone path can make life a lot easier on those rainy days when you did not wear the best shoes for walking across the lawn. A dedicated pathway is also easy on the eyes, and it adds an attractive and decorative touch to your yard’s overall aesthetic. 

3. Build a Fire Pit Area

For those cool Ohio evenings when summer is over and fall has entered the air, do not underestimate the amazingness of having an at-home fire pit area. Think about it: You can have your very own comfortable space to hang out with friends and family after watching your favorite football team earlier in the day. Plus, nothing is cozier than sitting around a fire with good company. The best part about Ohio is that you have four seasons. This gives homeowners a plethora of fun and unique landscaping ideas to choose from.

4 Reasons To Invest in Land Around Marysville WA

If you are thinking about buying a new home in Marysville, Washington, you are not alone. There is no doubt that the area is beautiful, and many people know it. With that said, maybe you have been looking a properties and yard service landscape experts Marysville WA, but you are still not sure if you want to invest. If this sounds familiar, then you are in luck. Check out these four reasons to invest

yard service landscape experts marysville wa

1. Gorgeous Nearby Parks

Of course, one of the best things to love about any place in the state of Washington is a natural beauty that surrounds nearly everywhere. In Marysville, there are two nearby parks that are particularly wonderful. Both the Jennings Memorial Nature Park and the Ebey Waterfront Park are worth a visit. They both make lovely escapes from life’s hecticness. 

2. Unique Local Shopping

Another top thing to enjoy about the Marysville area is the unique local shopping opportunities that abound downtown as well as throughout other parts of town. If you are looking for fun gifts and you appreciate rustic charm, then you will love the Third Street and State Avenue area downtown.

3. Impressive Community Library 

For those who prefer to stay at home with a good book, then another reason to fall in love with the area is the impressive Maryville library. With numerous meeting rooms for community events, graphic design resources and job preparation help, this library is also more than just a place to read.

4. Breathtaking Waterfalls

Talking about Marysville without including nature in at least half of the list would be completely unacceptable. For another reason to move to this part of the state, there are also breathtaking waterfalls that deserve your attention when your drive the nearby Mount Loop highway.

If you have been on the fence about moving to Marysville, then these reasons speak for themselves. All that is left to do is start packing. 

How To Prepare Your Yard for Winter

Autumn is here and it’s time to winterize your home and garden. You may not realize it, but fall is a great time to complete specific landscaping projects that are beneficial before spring. If you’re on board, grab your rake and get busy preparing your yard for winter with these four tips.

Yard for Winter

Don’t Ignore Your Rake

When you’re busy, it can be tempting to ignore raking the leaves. Neglecting this chore will prevent the sun from reaching your grass and turns leaves into a heavy, soggy mess. This makes for a miserable spring clean-up, so go out and have fun with it. If you’ve got kids, make huge piles of leaves for them to jump in and let them help out.

Mulch Your Gardens

While most people mulch in the spring, fall is also a perfect time to get a delivery of bulk mulch Cincinnati and spruce-up your gardens. Mulch helps insulate and protect your plant’s roots in the cold weather. It will also keep them hydrated during a dry winter.

Get Rid of Dead Plants

By now, many of your summer plants have died, so fall is the time to get rid of them. Removing dead foliage neatens up the yard and creates room for spring blossoms. You’ll also want to cut back perennials and wrap delicate plants and shrubs in burlap to protect them against the frost and snow.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Even though your lawn is getting ready to sleep for a few months, fall is the best time to fertilize. Be sure to purchase a high-quality, slow-release fertilizer specific to your climate. Use a spreader to evenly distribute it after you mow one final time.

Ensure a Healthy Garden

If you’re invested in having a beautiful lawn and flower beds next spring, get busy this fall by mulching, raking and fertilizing. Putting in the extra work now will ensure a healthy and green garden next year.

Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space

Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space

When the winter winds turn mild and spring is on its way, it is time to start thinking about all the ways to enjoy the outdoors before the warm, sunny days become a distant memory again. Finding ways to create the perfect outdoor entertaining space is the perfect way to ensure a memorable summer.


Whether you build a deck, patio, gazebo or simply set up a corner of your yard for entertainment space, having ample seating space is critical to enjoying the outdoors. Buying a larger patio table ensures you have plenty of room to eat outdoors and host parties, BBQs and gatherings. Having options in the shade is helpful on the extremely hot afternoons so buy a large umbrella or sun shade.

Warm up on Chilly Nights

When the sun sets and chillier night air comes in, having a place for your family or guests to warm themselves makes for a more comfortable time outdoors. There are many options such as gas fire pits Denver, outdoor fireplaces, heaters, a more rustic bonfire area if local regulations allow or simply providing warm blankets for people.


Part of making a space feel comfortable and welcoming is to set the mood and provide ambiance. Buying fun outdoor lights to string along the patio or deck or gazebo makes a place instantly look fun and inviting. Installing weatherproof speakers that can connect to the playlist on your smartphone or other device allows you to set the mood with whatever type of music you like. Adding beautiful plants or sculptures gives your guests talking pieces and things to enjoy visually.

While summer may be a quick season, there are still so many ways to enjoy every day and evening of it outdoors. By creating a warm, welcoming space with furniture, warmth on chilly evenings and decorations you will be hosting memorable gatherings for years to come.

Getting More Use Out of a Yard at Night Using Landscape Lighting

When the weather is warmer, there are more opportunities to be outside and use your yard for entertainment or relaxation. Utilizing landscape lighting when it starts to get dark offers the possibility of extending that time by illuminating certain areas based on their designated function.


Having a rough idea for how you want to light an area where guests will be congregating is helpful in determining what types of light fixtures are needed, like pole lamps or recessed flood lights. With a simple sketch of the yard, you can see where people are likely to spend most of their time — think tables, chairs and pathways — making it easier to decide where the fixtures should be used, how many are needed and what type of lighting best fits the situation. Visualizing your exterior lighting Winter Park before you begin an installation can also help you avoid lights shining into windows or excess light pollution.


In addition to visualizing spaces for entertaining, you should consider those garden spots where people like to be alone. A well-lit spot in your yard with soft and unobtrusive lighting can be used as a peaceful place for reading, meditation or family time. String lights cast a consistent glow conducive to a warm and inviting personal space. Adding twinkling lights to nearby trees can give the area both a fun and a calming element while also being functional.


No matter how your yard is used, you want it to be a private, secure zone where accidents are unlikely. Nighttime strolls around your yard can be done safely when the appropriate illumination is used. Utilizing solar or wired pathway lights allows for safety on both the walkway and any existing steps while also creating a pleasant after-dark visual. If trees line a path, each one can be lit individually from below to create a unique look for an evening walk.

Making the most out of your yard during the evening hours involves highlighting the space with proper lighting. Entertain longer, relax more and be safe with thoughtful illumination throughout your landscape.