Best Gifts for Second Babies

Finding the perfect gift for a first-time parent is easy because they need everything. When you want to give a present for the birth of a second or third child, however, it becomes a bit trickier. Most experienced parents don’t want or need more onesies or baby toys because they already have too many. There are some thoughtful gifts, though, that will be appreciated.

Gifts for Second Babies


The first baby often gets many baby portraits Pittsford NY taken of him or her. The second or third baby doesn’t get near as many and sometimes none. Parents with a baby and a toddler are doing what they can to survive day to day. A thoughtful gift is a portrait package and an offer to help wrangle the children to and from the sitting.


Diapers aren’t necessarily a fun gift to give, but they are probably the most appreciated. Until that child is potty-trained at age 2-3, he or she will need an endless supply of diapers. If you’re worried about what size to get, size 2 is usually safe. Whether the baby is big or small, he or she will wear size 2 diapers sometime during the first year.


There are a couple times when babysitting is really helpful. If the new mom is showing dark circles under her eyes, offer to come by right after feeding time. Mom can feed the baby and then hand her off. The little one should be content for 1-2 hours.  Tired Mom can take a shower or a nap, and you get to hold the sweet baby. Another babysitting gift you can give is to take the older child off to play or the park for a couple of hours. The new parents can spend some quiet time doting on their newest addition.

Even though new parents will ooh and aww over cute baby clothes, they are not always the most practical gift. If you really want to help new parents, give them something useful.