Alternatives to Stairs

There may be many reasons why stairs are no longer convenient or accessible for you to use. Perhaps age or a medical condition means you can longer use stairs. Perhaps you transport many items that are too heavy or bulky to easily carry up and down stairs, such as furniture or garbage. You don’t have to give up your house just because you can no longer use the stairs. There are alternatives that allow you to remain in the home you love while also accommodating your needs. 

Residential Elevators

One option is installing an elevator or chair lift. While costly, this option usually increases the value of a multi-storied home and can add invaluable convenience. Compact elevators can be seamlessly integrated into a new or existing structure, and if needed can be fit into small, out of the way spaces. There are several different types of residential elevators to choose from to fit your specific needs. These are often a quiet, safe, and quick method of transportation between floors without having to change much about your current floor plan. 

Cargo Lifts

Many homes are being built or renovated as taller structures. Coastal areas are becoming more prone to storms and flooding every day, and taller structures usually mean extra stairs. Material lifts help increase the security and convenience of multi-story buildings and can add value to your property. Rather than navigating stairs with bulky items or with limited mobility, cargo lifts allow you to enjoy greater ease with a style that can easily be integrated into your existing aesthetic. 

Stairs don’t have to keep you from the home you love. There are alternatives such as residential elevators and material lifts that will allow you to avoid tricky stairs that hinder transport or limit mobility. Discover these alternatives to stairs that can be easily and attractively integrated into your home.