Advantages and Disadvantages of Used Cubicles

Purchasing used cubicles offers many benefits. These benefits include cost savings, organization, and quality. But, first, let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of pre-owned cubicles. For some, used cubicles may not be a good idea. But others will find that they provide the best value for their money. Read on to learn more. Below are the benefits and disadvantages of used cubicles.

Disadvantages of buying used cubicles

Buying used cubicles has its benefits and drawbacks. First of all, it’s less expensive than brand-new cubicles. Moreover, you can customize them to suit your specific aesthetic preferences. Second, new cubicles are guaranteed to provide you with excellent functionality and durability. Third, buying used cubicles also shows your concern for the environment, as they come from organizations committed to protecting the world.

The inventory of used cubicles is limited. Since used office furniture stores buy liquidated office cubicles and refurbish them, their stock is constantly changing. These stores are also aiming to sell their inventory quickly. For example, a Tampa-based company may buy 25 HON Accelerate workstations. On the other hand, a company in Lakeland may only need eight workstations. Similarly, a company in St. Petersburg might purchase 15 used cubicles, and the remaining two will go to another office in Lakeland.

Cost savings

Office cubicles make up a large percentage of the cost of office furniture. A standard cubicle can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000, not including delivery and installation. Purchasing a pre-owned cubicle can save you as much as 50 percent. Used cubicles may be slightly less luxurious than brand new ones, but they still offer plenty of functionality. Whether you want cubicles with a high-tech look or a more traditional aesthetic, pre owned cubicles are a great way to save money and space.

Purchasing used cubicles is the best way to reduce your office furniture budget. You will save a ton of money, and the quality is often comparable to new cubicles. You can customize cubicles, so they fit your employees’ needs and save money on the process. Buying pre-owned cubicles will also help the environment. Used cubicles can be shipped from one office to another for a fraction of the cost of brand-new cubicles.


One of the benefits of buying pre-owned cubicles for the organization is that you get a much better deal than you would by purchasing new ones. Cubicles are great for smaller offices because they allow more employees in a smaller space. Because they’re smaller, you can fit as many employees as needed without paying rent for a larger office. Furthermore, you can get them in a wide variety of styles.

Another benefit of buying pre-owned cubicles for the organization is that the furniture is often in good condition. People are more likely to take care of assets they own, so you can expect your employees to take better care of your office furniture. In addition, if your employees choose the workstations themselves, they will likely clean them and report any maintenance concerns. That means you can save money while still getting high-quality furniture at a lower cost.


New cubicles depreciate quickly and used workstations may be even better. The average quality of a used workstation is pretty high – often undergoing just a minor refurbishment, such as attaching new fabric or trim. However, it isn’t easy to gauge the quality of pre-owned cubicles. Investing in used cubicles may leave you facing unexpected costs, such as repair or replacement.