Acoustic Plaster: Benefits and Applications

Acoustic plaster is the plaster which includes fibres or aggregate so that it absorbs sound effectively. Discussing below are some simple and straight benefits and application of Acoustic Plasters.

1. Easy to Install

Acoustic panels are a simple way to get them better acoustics at your home. Many panels come with the quick, easy installation methods. Whilst acoustic plaster makes the sound stop from escaping a room and is often done through internal wall installation and sealing gaps, acoustic panels can improve the sound quality of the room with general principles, some planning, and a little physical effort.

Some local companies may include this service for free with the purchase and delivery of acoustic panels.

2. Increased Privacy

Whether you have kids, roommates, or guests, you may not want others listening in so easily on your conversations. Hard surfaces bounce sound around a room, but sound-absorbing acoustic panels are the key to making confidentiality simple.

Because the main function of many acoustic panels is to absorb sound, installing acoustic panels on your walls and ceiling can lead to increased privacy.

3. More Comfort

This benefit should not be so very obvious — acoustic plaster can mean more comfort! Not very much in the way of sitting per se, but definitely in the way of comfort for your ears and head.

Noise in your house, can result in performing certain activities to eat away at your peace and quiet. This can leave you feeling irritated, unnerved, and even in pain from too much sound hitting your ears and need to be processed by your senses. Hanging acoustic panels that can absorb sounds may be that simple yet effective part of your entire acoustic plan that leads to happy ears.

4. Less Stress

In the same vein as acoustic panels providing more comfort, better sound in your home can lead to less stress. Acoustic plaster can stop reverberations and loud noise, both of which can frazzle nerves.

The last thing just about anyone wants when they come home is more stress, so planning and installing acoustic panels in the right positions throughout your home for better sound is another not-so-obvious benefit.

5. Better Entertainment

Who doesn’t want a theatre quality experience at home without dropping thousands of dollars on an expensive sound system? Correct acoustic panels that are in addition of acoustic solutions like bass traps, can take a decent middle-of-the-road sound system and make it sound like you spent *way* more the system.


Apart from the benefits, acoustic plaster needs high levels of artisan skills in order to target the rated sound absorption coefficients. The ratios, proportions and recommended mixing time of the plaster should be followed strictly in order to achieve the desired result. To ensure the seamless surface, it is suggested to begin with a ceiling that is perfectly level. The absorptive substrate panels are then attached with its seams filled and sanded smooth. Layers of plaster coating are then applied to achieve a seamless smooth surface. Acoustic plasters can be worked to produce a different surface texture but must be done timely after the application.

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