About German Shepherds

German Shepherd dogs have been listed in the 10 most desirable dog contests for decades. They are beautiful, loyal, loving animals, and champion breed German Shepherd puppies become hardworking, competitive dogs. If you have decided to purchase a purebred German Shepherd, you should know a few things about the breed.

About German Shepherds


Because they were bred for herding livestock, these dogs tend to nip and chew. Therefore, you need to train them not to chew your hands or furniture and provide them with chew toys to satisfy this desire.

These dogs also have one of the strongest bite strengths (238 pounds per square inch) of all dogs. Therefore, you need to focus some of your training on not biting.


German Shepherds have exceptional hearing and are well known for their large ears that stand up straight off their heads. However, puppies have floppy ears. Unlike many dogs, German Shepherds’ ears do not have to be taped or trained to stand up straight. They naturally perk up when the puppy reaches 4-7 months of age, when their cartridge is formed.


Although they are able to adapt to smaller spaces, German Shepherds are active dogs. Therefore, they are more comfortable in large yards. However, you will also need to walk and play with your dog regularly to help them expend their energy. These dogs are used to working with livestock all day, so they are high energy and may become bored. They will also keep you active.


These dogs are incredibly intelligent and learn new skills very quickly. However, they need mental stimulation even after training. They may require toys that challenge their brains.


Because of their double coats, these animals require frequent brushing. One or two times per year, these dogs also shed heavily. Every month, their nails should be ground or trimmed.

Your dog needs a healthy diet to maintain its active lifestyle, so choose foods that promote muscle and joint health.

Choose a family dog that is loyal, loving, protective and encourages you to get some exercise.