4 Tips to Planning an Incredible Vacation to Bald Head Island, North Carolina

Vacation to Bald Head Island

Are you planning a vacation to Bald Head Island, North Carolina? This gorgeous island offers what you need to get back in tune with nature and destress. The island is car-free, which means you won’t have to worry about traffic or loud honking. However, with the island being car-free you may be wondering what activities you can do while visiting. The list below will give you ideas to make your visit to Bald Head Island memorable.

1. Vacation Rental

Picking a vacation rental is the first step to planning your getaway to Bald Head Island. With a large number of North Carolina beachfront rentals, locating your dream vacation spot won’t be that complicated. When choosing your rental, remember to think about proximity to the beach and other activities you want to do while visiting.

2. Bird Watching

With many rare species, Bald Head Island is a bird watcher’s paradise. The Island has been visited by 210 species of birds, some of these include Saltmarsh Sparrows, Clapper Rails, American Kestrels and Peregrine Falcons. However, there is a large wildlife population and every visit will bring a new experience.

3. Crabbing

If you are looking for a fun, yet relaxing day at the beach, try crabbing. This activity is great for the entire family. However, don’t forget to bring your equipment and research the best methods, times and locations to go crabbing.

4. Old Baldy Lighthouse

If you are a history fan, this is your place. Bald Head Island is home to the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina. Old Baldy was built in 1817 and is full of rich history. While visiting, you can take a tour, climb to the top and enjoy the breathtaking views. After you catch your breath from climbing, visit the museum next door for even more information on Old Baldy.

As you can see Bald Head Island, North Carolina, is a great place to getaway. Keep researching and make your visit to Bald Head Island unforgettable.