4 Oil Tank Warning Signs To Watch For

Oil tanks for single-family homes can last up to 20 years. If you just replaced yours, you may move out before you have to think about having it replaced. However, if you’ve just moved in, you might not know how old your tank is or what sort of condition it’s in. Here are warning signs it’s getting time to replace it.

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Leaking oil can create big problems very quickly. Thankfully leaks are easy to detect if your tank is placed outside your home or in your basement. If it’s buried, you should be testing the soil for contamination to detect leaks. Another sign to look out for is how frequently you find your tank needing a fill-up. If it doesn’t correlate with your oil usage, there is most definitely a problem.


Break down is inevitable, but you might want to look into oil tank removal Duchess County NY sooner rather than later if you see obvious signs of corrosion such as chipping paint, rust or cracks. If there is an incident that causes dents and warping, you should get your tank inspected to see if it is still usable.


Condensation should not build up on your tank. Even if it’s not the color of oil, pools of liquid are a sign that your tank is not working as intended and it’s time to get it inspected to find out how bad the issue is.

Malfunctioning Parts

When you fill your tank the vent alarm should always sound. If you don’t hear anything you might just have an old tank, but you should get it inspected to affirm that’s the case. A gauge that doesn’t move or indicate a change in oil levels should be replaced immediately.

A full inspection of your tank should happen before you move into your home and then once a year after that. Staying on top of small issues means you can put off a full replacement longer.