4 Must-have Bathroom Rennovations

Just because you use your bathroom for very private functions, it doesn’t mean it has to be drab and boring. Here are some changes that will give the room a flair of extravagance while still maintaining efficiency and discretion.

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Toilets and Bidets

There are high-efficiency models of toilets to consider, which will help conserve well water or cut costs on your monthly bill. Other ways to upgrade “the throne” are with accessories like heated seats or bidet attachments, the latter of which can help you cut back on paper use, making it an environmentally friendly addition.

Showers and Bathtubs

Instead of sticking with boring (and mildew-laden) curtains, switch to specialty glass West Palm Beach to give bath time a stylish, modern feel. If you or a family member are getting older and have decreased mobility—or even if your bathroom just feels too cramped—you may want to switch out the tub for a free-standing shower.

Storage and Shelves

Take your bathroom habits into consideration when you’re planning storage space. Most tubs only have a small niche that is good for bars of soap and nothing else. If you’re doing a big remodel, you might want to ensure that more of your toiletries actually fit where they’re needed. Be sure to give yourself a lot of space in medicine cabinets, vanities or near toilets.

Floors and Tiles

If you live somewhere with cold weather or harsh winters that make you dread getting soaked first thing in the morning, heated flooring may be the solution to your problem as they replace the chill with luxurious comfort. Another fun upgrade is creative floor tiles made to look like cobblestones or vintage wood.

Whether you want a breath-taking sanctuary to take a long soak or a modest retreat to take care of business, tailoring your bathroom to your needs will make every visit a relief.