3 Tips for Making a Small Room Look Larger

Living large can sometimes mean making the deliberate choice for a smaller home. Tiny homes require less upkeep and maintenance, making them attractive for many with other interests besides house cleaning and repairs. However, most people living in smaller residences still want to create a feeling of spaciousness. Consequently, interior designers might suggest three tips to make small rooms appear larger than their actual square footage.

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1. Choose Paint Wisely

When looking for color help from an interior design professional Rock Hill SC homeowners might ask about light versus dark color choices and where to apply them. For example, if you have a rectangular-shaped room that you wish to look larger, consider adding a darker paint color to the two longer walls. For instance, if painting the room yellow, you might go down a couple of shades darker yellow, or make a bold color emphasis and choose a very dark color, perhaps a dark purple, to complement the yellow. This technique helps make the room appear larger overall. Furthermore, bright colors and colors with sheen, such as gloss or semi-gloss paints, also add to the expansive look of a room.

2. Add Mirrors Selectively

Adding a mirror to one long wall provides a glamorous way to expand a room’s appearance. The mirror’s reflective qualities bring brightness and light bouncing off the surface, creating a spacious look. Go small with a wall mirror, or use a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the entire wall.

3. Place Minimal Furniture

Choose furniture appropriately proportioned to the space, and select the fewest pieces to deliver the greatest impact in style and function. For instance, create a focal point in the room, perhaps a window view or fireplace, and place furniture to emphasize the spot. Additionally, use the corners of the room by angling furniture into conversation areas. Moreover, think about how you want to use the space, how people will traverse the room and keep the pathways clear.

Small homes can offer as much style and elegance as larger ones. Furthermore, designers can help with other ideas for designing your interior to increase its appearance.