3 Signs It’s Time To Consider Assisted Living

Many family members and friends wish to help their loved ones stay in their homes as they age. However, despite the best caregiving efforts, there may come a point when an assisted living facility is the best option. As physical or mental health worsens, the senior citizen may become aggressive, wander off when not being monitored or need more medical care than can be reasonably provided by their current caregiver.

Assisted Living

1. Wandering

It is possible for someone with dementia to live in their home with assistance from others. However, wandering is an issue, especially in the later stages of the illness. This can pose a serious risk to their safety, as they could become lost. If they leave the house without being properly dressed for the weather, their health could suffer if they are not found and brought back quickly. Professionals who work at places like Denver retirement homes are able to monitor the residents to keep them safe at all times.

2. Aggression

Another symptom of dementia can be aggression. This can worsen over time and become too much for the caregiver to handle. People can become injured during acts of physical aggression and will likely feel stressed and uncomfortable while caregiving.

3. Increased Care Needed

Chronic health problems or worsening conditions can be difficult for caregivers to manage alone. If senior citizens are no longer able to handle their personal affairs, are not able to feed or clean themselves and require constant supervision, then it may be time to consider getting help.

While many people prefer to age in place, caregivers should be aware of their own capabilities and keep in mind what is best for everyone. If the senior citizen has needs that can best be met by professionals, then it is probably time to consider an assisted living facility.