3 Routine Home Maintenance Tasks You May Be Overlooking

Owning a home is a huge achievement; it is also one that comes with an equally large number of responsibilities. Even if you are good about keeping things up around the house, you may be overlooking these three important routine tasks. 

1. A Roof Inspection

If your roof isn’t leaking or visibly damaged you probably don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it. That is understandable since most new roofs will last 20 years or more before they have a problem. However, UV rays, debris impacts, hail, and ice can cause premature wear or damage. An annual roof inspection is an easy way to spot potential problems early so they can be addressed. In many cases, you can complete this yourself, sometimes without ever having to get on a ladder.  

2. Septic Tank Pumping

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This is a commonly overlooked task, especially for homeowners who aren’t familiar with septic systems. When you flush or rinse something down the drain, it goes to a holding tank. Solids remain there and liquids flow out into a drain field to filter back into the ground. Those solids can accumulate over time, eventually causing the tank to back up. Septic services Lake Villa IL can help you avoid the problems associated with backups.

3. Sump Pump Testing

Any homeowner who relies on a sump pump to keep things dry knows how important a function it serves. However, the out of sight, out of mind rule definitely strikes here more often than it should. After all, you don’t usually have to do anything with a sump pump, unless, of course,e something goes wrong. Testing the pump a couple of times a year during dry weather can help you avoid a soggy mess.

It can be tough to keep up with everything that needs to be done around the house. However, roof inspections, septic pumping or sump pump testing are three things you should never skip.