3 Reasons Why You Need Residential Window Grates

When designing a new home or refurbishing an older residence, once completing the heavy work of creating the foundation and framing, finishing the walls and adding the various home systems, it becomes time to think about enhancing the look of your home’s exterior surfaces. For example, after selecting paint colors and exterior light fixtures, you might focus your attention on the windows. Enhancing windows has never been easier with window grilles and grates. While window grilles are vinyl or wood decorative pieces that get applied to the glass surfaces and create the look of several separate glass panes, window grates are made of metal and designed for security and ornamental purposes. For three important reasons, many homeowners choose to include window grates in their home construction or remodel.

window grates

1. To Accentuate Windows

You can draw attention to one window or a series of windows by utilizing window grates. The grate gets attached to the home’s exterior, protecting the glass window panel behind it. In addition, due to the use of metal in the grates’ construction, grates contrast with the slick and shiny glass behind it, drawing the viewer’s eye to the window.

2. To Emphasize Style

A wide assortment of window grate styles allows homeowners to blend them with the overall design aesthetic of their homes. Made with central detailing featuring beautiful ornate round, curlicue shapes, fillagree styles or simple cross-bar versions, you can find grates that emphasize your home’s design style.

3. To Enhance Security

Although the window grates can provide a hefty dose of ornamentation to any home exterior, their primary purpose rests in providing the extra security you want from your windows. They often get utilized on the home’s lower levels, especially with ground-level basement windows, among other vital spots requiring additional security.

Reaching the point in your home construction or remodel where you get to apply the exterior’s finishing touches helps conclude what often plays out as a long project. Window grates add that decorative touch while adding security to an essential part of your home.