3 Plant Varieties That Drape Over Retaining Walls

If your property has a steep slope, you might have felt at a loss as to how to go about converting it into a garden space. Landscape designers might recommend terracing the hillside by installing retaining walls. This method makes performing routine garden tasks, like weeding and watering, more manageable because you do not need to reach your feet to access the garden bed soil level. Additionally, dirt within the retaining walls warms faster in the spring, giving you a big headstart on the growing season no matter where you live.

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Once you have retaining walls in place in your yard, you can experience the fun of selecting plants to compliment your home and garden. Three plant varieties make excellent choices for flowers that can drape over your retaining walls, creating a spectacular garden view for those who see it.

1. Wave Petunia

If you have added to your outdoor living space residential retaining walls Memphis TN landscapers might recommend this brightly colored annual plant to set off the wall’s stone finish stylishly. Living for just one season, robustly flowering Wave petunias can quickly fill the front of the flower bed and offer a beautiful focal point to your garden.

2. Creeping Phlox

If you desire a low-maintenance plant that will cascade down the front of the retaining walls in your garden, consider creeping phlox. Classified as an herbaceous perennial plant because the top dies back in the winter, but the plant returns each year from the crown, creeping phlox comes in a range of pink and lavender shades. 

3. Candytuft

Iberis, also known as candytuft, makes an excellent choice for those looking for a plant to drape effectively over a wall. Annual, subshrub, and evergreen perennial varieties exist. Furthermore, the dark green dainty foliage sets off the round button flowers that bloom in shades of white to lavender, depending on the specific types you select.

You can add the finishing touch to the retaining walls around your home with the addition of cascading plants. They draw the eye and make the walls the centerpiece in your garden.