3 Elements To Include in Your Fire Safety Program

One of the most destructive accidents that can happen to a business is a fire. These occur suddenly and don’t always give building occupants a lot of time to safely clear a building, let alone remove any items that are contained within. A commercial blaze can destroy raw materials, important files, office furniture, inventory and the entire structure itself. Fire safety is an important part of a facilities management plan, not only to save the assets contained within but to also protect the lives of the people who work or visit the building.

Fire Safety Program

Components for a Fire Safety Program

There are local regulations concerning minimum requirements for fire safety, and things like where the installation of fire hydrants San Diego CA fire personnel have access to are a part of the city’s commitment to safety. However, your company should have a plan that includes the following items.

  1. Evacuation Plan

Every building needs a plan for how to safely but quickly evacuate the building in the event of a fire or emergency. There should be diagrams posted of the exit routes and exit routes or pathways should be clearly marked, left unobstructed and left unlocked. Conduct evacuation drills to ensure each employee knows where their closest exit is located.

  1. Fire Protection Systems

Fire extinguishers are required by OSHA and local fire codes, and these need to be visible to all employees and easily accessible. Employees should also be trained in how to use an extinguisher. Sprinkler systems installed in the building are another option for fire protection and having these systems installed when first constructing the building can make them more effective.

  1. Hazard Monitoring and Storage

Inspections should be regularly done to look for potential fire hazards in areas like the breakroom, stock room, production areas and offices. Overloaded electrical outlets are a key hazard, as are flammable materials that aren’t stored properly.

Including these items in your plan can protect the safety of your employees and building contents. Make fire safety a priority.