3 Common Car Key Dilemmas and How To Avoid Them

For people who spend a lot of time commuting, not having immediate access to your car keys can lead to a major headache. Consider a few issues car keys frequently present and how you can prevent them from impacting your morning or afternoon drive.

1. Locking Your Keys Inside Your Car

If your doors have ever locked when your keys are still inside the car, you know that this is an exceptionally frustrating experience. One of the best ways to avoid this dilemma is to keep a duplicate car key Tallahassee. You may wish to keep one copy in your home and ask a friend or family member to store another one. This way, you will still be able to access an extra key if your house keys are also locked inside the car.

2. Losing Your Keys In a Public Place

If you are prone to setting your car keys down in random spots, you may want to take a few precautions so that you can quickly find your keys in any public place. One way to do this is to attach a GPS tracker to your key ring so that you can locate it using an app on your phone. 

3. Misplacing Your Keys at Home

While a tracking chip may also help you locate your keys anywhere in your house, there are also a few other tricks you may wish to try. First and foremost, consider dedicating a specific spot in your home where you will always keep your keys. This area could be a hook by the front door or a bowl sitting on an end table, for example.

Your morning or afternoon commute is likely rushed as it is. There is no reason to add a lost or inaccessible car key to the mix. With a few minor changes to your routine, you can ensure your keys are always available when you need them.