3 Benefits of Ipe Wood in Outdoor Applications

For those who work on outdoor projects, such as improving an outdoor living area, finding durable materials to create objects that can withstand the elements remains problematic. Locating weatherproof materials can be challenging when resourcing natural materials used to construct your garden furniture, including tables and chairs, the wood used for garden beds and more. However, many homeowners have discovered manufacturers who produce different garden products created from a tropical hardwood called Ipe. Ipe wood ranks highly for outdoor applications, such as wood decking and building siding, fencing and furniture building, among many uses. Three essential benefits come from using Ipe wood in outdoor projects.

bison ipe woods cubes

1. Extremely Durable Wood

Many builders seek Ipe wood, utilized in such garden elements as bison ipe woods cubes and others, because of its extreme durability. The durability comes from the fact that Ipe possesses one of the hardest woods available. The hardness helps ensure that anything made from Ipe wood will last, even if used in outdoor settings, where the elements typically damage most ordinary wood products.

2. Naturally Waterproof Wood

Waterproofing wood for outdoor use often means utilizing several harsh chemical products. Happily, Ipe wood contains natural waterproofing characteristics. Therefore, using Ipe when constructing patio tables and chairs or for your garden fence, for instance, makes sense because you will not need to replace them due to weather damage for many long years.

3. Low Maintenance Wood

Because Ipe has a naturally occurring waterproof quality and hardness, the wood makes an excellent building material for outdoor designs because it requires little maintenance. No toxic waterproofing chemicals are needed, nor covering it up when the weather gets rainy because Ipe can withstand these common scenarios most outdoor furniture must undergo with ease. Furthermore, it even guard against pests who try to utilize it for a home, and even fire, because of its remarkable naturally inherent qualities.

Ipe wood provides many benefits to those seeking long-lasting outdoor products. Not only durable, but it also withstands the elements without the use of chemicals and remains beautiful looking for many years of enjoyment outside your home.